Rendering BODY and HEAD as children of HTML - 2

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Browsers that are subjected to this test should support the the background, padding, margin, border and color properties of CSS, and in addition the overflow property and fixed position stuff from CSS2.

1. Making the BODY and the HEAD into a table

This is really evil, but completely valid...

This document should have two cells, side by side: one on the left, the other on the right. The one on the left should be red with white writing and a thick white border. It should contain four dotted lines separated by a blank line, followed by a dotted bordered box containing the document title, and another dotted bordered box containing the stylesheet, also shown below:


The dotted borders and lines and the text in the left cell should be white.

The right cell should be teal, with yellow text. This paragraph you are reading now should be in this right cell.

The width of the two cells is left up to the user agent to decide, I think.

The right cell should look similar to the left cell in formatting -- each box of text should have a yellow dotted border, and there should be a blank line between each such box. No box should be nested -- the dotted boxes should always be distinct from each other.

The cells should be the same height, and they should have grown vertically to accommodate this text.

Around the whole setup should be two borders, dark green and light green. The cells should be separated from each other and from these outer borders by 1em of dark green.

There should also be some alternate stylesheets set up to allow you to display the <META> content. This may help with diagnosis.

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