22:54 Changeset [20675] by adele

Reviewed by Maciej.

Fix for <rdar://problem/5107095> REGRESSION: disabled text color calculations are slowing down launchtime measurements

Hardcode disabled text colors for the most common cases- black and white.

  • rendering/RenderTextControl.cpp: (WebCore::disabledTextColor):
18:11 Changeset [20674] by hyatt

Fix for <rdar://problem/5105784>, assertion failure in cache. Encoded sizes were being set to
garbage by accident because of a mismatch between derived class and base class constructors. This
patch cleans all of this up and gets rid of expiration date as a concept separate from the response.

Reviewed by anders

  • dom/Document.cpp: (WebCore::Document::processHttpEquiv):
  • html/HTMLImageLoader.cpp: (WebCore::HTMLImageLoader::updateFromElement):
  • loader/Cache.cpp: (WebCore::createResource): (WebCore::Cache::requestResource):
  • loader/Cache.h:
  • loader/CachedCSSStyleSheet.cpp: (WebCore::CachedCSSStyleSheet::CachedCSSStyleSheet):
  • loader/CachedCSSStyleSheet.h:
  • loader/CachedImage.cpp: (WebCore::CachedImage::CachedImage):
  • loader/CachedImage.h:
  • loader/CachedResource.cpp: (WebCore::CachedResource::CachedResource): (WebCore::CachedResource::finish):
  • loader/CachedResource.h:
  • loader/CachedScript.cpp: (WebCore::CachedScript::CachedScript):
  • loader/CachedScript.h:
  • loader/CachedXBLDocument.cpp: (WebCore::CachedXBLDocument::CachedXBLDocument):
  • loader/CachedXBLDocument.h:
  • loader/CachedXSLStyleSheet.cpp: (WebCore::CachedXSLStyleSheet::CachedXSLStyleSheet):
  • loader/CachedXSLStyleSheet.h:
  • loader/DocLoader.cpp: (WebCore::DocLoader::DocLoader): (WebCore::DocLoader::requestResource):
  • loader/DocLoader.h:
18:01 Changeset [20673] by antti

Reviewed by Hyatt.

Render tree memory savings, part 3

These changes shrink all RenderBlocks by additional 28 bytes. Together with parts 1 and 2
RenderBlock goes from 172 bytes to 128 bytes, a saving of 26%.

  • Pack bitfields together in RenderFlow
  • Move top/bottom min/max margin values to a struct that is only allocated in case these variables have non default values. Usually this is <5% of all blocks.
  • Move rarely used column variables to hash
  • rendering/RenderBlock.cpp: (WebCore::ColumnInfo::ColumnInfo): (WebCore::RenderBlock::RenderBlock): (WebCore::RenderBlock::~RenderBlock): (WebCore::RenderBlock::layoutBlock): (WebCore::RenderBlock::collapseMargins): (WebCore::RenderBlock::clearFloatsIfNeeded): (WebCore::RenderBlock::setCollapsedBottomMargin): (WebCore::RenderBlock::layoutBlockChildren): (WebCore::RenderBlock::paintColumns): (WebCore::RenderBlock::paintObject): (WebCore::RenderBlock::fillSelectionGaps): (WebCore::RenderBlock::lowestPosition): (WebCore::RenderBlock::rightmostPosition): (WebCore::RenderBlock::leftmostPosition): (WebCore::RenderBlock::nodeAtPoint): (WebCore::RenderBlock::hitTestColumns): (WebCore::RenderBlock::positionForCoordinates): (WebCore::RenderBlock::availableWidth): (WebCore::RenderBlock::calcColumnWidth): (WebCore::RenderBlock::setDesiredColumnCountAndWidth): (WebCore::RenderBlock::desiredColumnWidth): (WebCore::RenderBlock::desiredColumnCount): (WebCore::RenderBlock::columnRects): (WebCore::RenderBlock::layoutColumns): (WebCore::RenderBlock::adjustPointToColumnContents): (WebCore::RenderBlock::adjustRectForColumns): (WebCore::RenderBlock::setMaxTopMargins): (WebCore::RenderBlock::setMaxBottomMargins):
  • rendering/RenderBlock.h: (WebCore::RenderBlock::maxTopMargin): (WebCore::RenderBlock::maxBottomMargin): (WebCore::RenderBlock::maxTopPosMargin): (WebCore::RenderBlock::maxTopNegMargin): (WebCore::RenderBlock::maxBottomPosMargin): (WebCore::RenderBlock::maxBottomNegMargin): (WebCore::RenderBlock::initMaxMarginValues): (WebCore::RenderBlock::MaxMargin::MaxMargin): (WebCore::RenderBlock::MaxMargin::topPosDefault): (WebCore::RenderBlock::MaxMargin::topNegDefault): (WebCore::RenderBlock::MaxMargin::bottomPosDefault): (WebCore::RenderBlock::MaxMargin::bottomNegDefault):
  • rendering/RenderFlexibleBox.cpp: (WebCore::RenderFlexibleBox::layoutBlock):
  • rendering/RenderFlow.h: (WebCore::RenderFlow::RenderFlow): (WebCore::RenderFlow::hasColumns):
  • rendering/RenderInline.cpp: (WebCore::RenderInline::RenderInline):
  • rendering/RenderInline.h:
18:00 Changeset [23220] by sfalken
17:54 Changeset [23219] by andersca

Reviewed by Darin.

Check that NPStream pointers passed to NPN_DestroyStream are valid.

  • plugins/win/PluginStreamWin.cpp: (WebCore::streams): (WebCore::PluginStreamWin::PluginStreamWin): (WebCore::PluginStreamWin::~PluginStreamWin): (WebCore::PluginStreamWin::ownerForStream):
  • plugins/win/PluginStreamWin.h:
  • plugins/win/PluginViewWin.cpp: (WebCore::PluginViewWin::destroyStream):
17:22 Changeset [20672] by antti


Reviewed by Hyatt.

Test you don't crash when you have abs positioned elements inside rel inline.

  • fast/block/positioning/abs-inside-inline-rel-expected.checksum: Added.
  • fast/block/positioning/abs-inside-inline-rel-expected.png: Added.
  • fast/block/positioning/abs-inside-inline-rel-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/block/positioning/abs-inside-inline-rel.html: Added.


Reviewed by Hyatt.

Fix asserts, these may also be called for rel positioned elements

  • rendering/RenderBox.cpp: (WebCore::RenderBox::setStaticX): (WebCore::RenderBox::setStaticY):
16:49 Changeset [20671] by andersca

Reviewed by Geoff.

Fix crash when running plugins/destroy-stream-twice.html under GuardMalloc

  • Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginStream.h:
  • Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginStream.mm: (+[WebBaseNetscapePluginStream ownerForStream:]): (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginStream initWithRequestURL:plugin:notifyData:sendNotification:]): (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginStream dealloc]): (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginStream finalize]): Change the streams hash map to contain an NPStream*, and change ownerForStream to take an NPStream*.

  • Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginView.mm: (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView destroyStream:reason:]): Check that the NPStream pointer is valid before accessing stream->ndata.
16:41 Changeset [20670] by hyatt

Throw in an assert to try to track down a problem where an image is being set to a smaller encoded

  • loader/CachedResource.cpp: (WebCore::CachedResource::setEncodedSize):
16:32 Changeset [23218] by andersca

Reviewed by Darin.

PluginViewWin doesn't implement NPN_DestroyStream.

  • plugins/win/PluginStreamWin.cpp: (WebCore::PluginStreamWin::startStream): Handle the case where NPN_DestroyStream is called from the newstream handler.

  • plugins/win/PluginViewWin.cpp: (WebCore::PluginViewWin::destroyStream): Implement this.
15:29 Changeset [20669] by adachan

2007-04-02 Ada Chan <adachan@apple.com>

Reviewed by Adele.

<rdar://5105331> Missing null check in Editor::execCommand
Added null check.

  • editing/Editor.cpp: (WebCore::Editor::execCommand):
15:19 Changeset [23217] by andersca

Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.

Mouse cursors don't work with windowless plugins

  • platform/win/WidgetWin.cpp: (WebCore::Widget::setCursor): Add an "ignoreNextSetCursor" boolean and don't call SetCursor if it's true.

  • plugins/win/PluginViewWin.cpp: (WebCore::PluginViewWin::handleMouseEvent): Store away the current cursor and make sure that it won't be reset.
14:28 Changeset [23216] by andersca

Reviewed by Adam.

Fix logic in windowless paint functions.

  • plugins/win/PluginViewWin.cpp: (WebCore::PluginViewWin::invalidateRect): (WebCore::PluginViewWin::invalidateRegion): (WebCore::PluginViewWin::forceRedraw):
14:15 Changeset [20668] by darin

Reviewed by Geoff.

  • set clip path for CoreGraphics plug-ins in the same way we do for QuickDraw plug-ins this is a better fix for <rdar://problem/4939511> WebKit should set the the CG clip path for plug-ins that draw using Core Graphics

Incorporates changes from a patch by Mark Ambachtsheer.

Here are the changes:

1) Don't try to use the offscreen code path if GGBitmapContextGetData returns 0.
2) Handle kCGBitmapByteOrderDefault when computing the QD pixel format, even though

we don't have any evidence that this happens in practice.

3) Keep the GWorld around until we create a new one or the plug-in is destroyed.
4) Use the GWorld pointer itself as a flag to indicate whether we are using an

offscreen GWorld.

5) Set up clipping for CoreGraphics in the same way we do for QuickDraw; remove an

earlier attempt that handled CoreGraphics differently.

  • Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginView.h: Added a field named offscreenGWorld to hold the GWorld until it's needed.
  • Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginView.mm: (getQDPixelFormatForBitmapContext): Replaced QDPixelFormatFromCGBitmapInfo. Used the "get" prefix so we don't intrude on the QD namespace. Added code to handle the kCGBitmapByteOrderDefault case, although I'm not sure it will really come up in practice -- it wasn't really coming up in the buggy case. (getNPRect): Added helper functions. Used to make the code below clearer. (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView saveAndSetNewPortStateForUpdate:]): Use getNPRect to streamline code. Use GetGWorld to save the port since we use SetGWorld to restore it later. Store the GWorld we create in the offscreenGWorld field and dispose the existing one. Don't treat the CGBitmapContext as an offscreen bitmap if it has a data pointer of 0. Set up the clip based on the result of -[NSView getRectsBeingDrawn:count] when setting up the port for CoreGraphics (after saving the port state). (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView restorePortState:]): Remove now-unneeded code to destroy the offscreen GWorld, and simplified the code that restores the port so we don't need a separate case for offscreen. (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView fini]): Renamed from freeAttributeKeysAndValues, since this method now does more than just the attributes. This is the shared method that does things needed in both dealloc and finalize. Added a call to DisposeGWorld here. (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView dealloc]): Updated for name change. (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView finalize]): Ditto. (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView drawRect:]): Removed code to set clip. This is done in the saveAndSetNewPortStateForUpdate: method instead.
13:38 Changeset [20667] by zbujtas

2007-03-30 jadhan <jade.han@nokia.com>

Reviewed by Zalan <zbujtas@gmail.com>
DESC: special handling for utf8 encoding of danish character. Merged fix from 3.2 to 3.1


  • ChangeLog:
  • kwq/KWQTextCodec.cpp: (validateUtf8):
13:30 Changeset [23215] by andersca
  • DumpRenderTree/DumpRenderTree.vcproj/DumpRenderTree.sln: Add TestNetscapeObject project.
13:23 Changeset [23214] by andersca

Adam is not a nobody.

13:23 Changeset [23213] by andersca


Reviewed by NOBODY (OOPS!).

Add netscape test plugin VC project. Make DumpRenderTree look for the test plugin.

12:46 Changeset [20666] by bdash

Merge r20571.

12:37 Changeset [20665] by bdash

Merge r20593 and r20596.

12:33 Changeset [20664] by andersca
  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/PluginObject.h: Don't use #import in a header included by C files.
12:23 Changeset [20663] by bdash

Merge r20555 and r20560.

11:37 Changeset [20662] by spadma

2007-04-02 bujtas <zbujtas@gmail.com>

Reviewed by Sachin.
DESC: user hits cancel on connection dialog, send EventLoadError to the host app

  • BrowserView/inc/WebKitControl.h:
  • BrowserView/src/HttpLoaderEventToUiListener.cpp: (CHttpLoaderEventToUiListener::ConnectionRequestCancelled):
  • BrowserView/src/WebKitControl.cpp: (CWebKitControl::HandleLoaderCommandL): (CWebKitControl::FinalProgressComplete):
11:37 Changeset [20661] by spadma

2007-04-02 bujtas <zbujtas@gmail.com>

Reviewed by Sachin.
DESC: user hits cancel on connection dialog, send EventLoadError to the host app

  • BrowserView/inc/WebKitControl.h:
  • BrowserView/src/HttpLoaderEventToUiListener.cpp: (CHttpLoaderEventToUiListener::ConnectionRequestCancelled):
  • BrowserView/src/WebKitControl.cpp: (CWebKitControl::HandleLoaderCommandL): (CWebKitControl::FinalProgressComplete):
11:23 Changeset [20660] by justing


Reviewed by darin

Hitting return inserts a new line between two To Dos, but caret is position after second ToDo

  • editing/inserting/5058163-1-expected.checksum: Added.
  • editing/inserting/5058163-1-expected.png: Added.
  • editing/inserting/5058163-1-expected.txt: Added.
  • editing/inserting/5058163-1.html: Added.
  • editing/inserting/5058163-2-expected.checksum: Added.
  • editing/inserting/5058163-2-expected.png: Added.
  • editing/inserting/5058163-2-expected.txt: Added.
  • editing/inserting/5058163-2.html: Added.


Reviewed by darin

Hitting return inserts a new line between two To Dos, but caret is position after second ToDo

  • editing/InsertParagraphSeparatorCommand.cpp: (WebCore::InsertParagraphSeparatorCommand::doApply): Removed refPos, it was unused. Don't assume that upstream() moves to a different node. This assumption caused the line break to be inserted *after* the caret and a bad position to be set (added a testcase). Use isStartOfParagraph instead of checking for the existence of a br because the line might be broken by a newline character in text that preserves newlines. Paragraphs that are created in other ways, like with blocks, are handled above (added a testcase).
11:22 Changeset [20659] by spadma

2007-04-02 bujtas <zbujtas@gmail.com>

Reviewed by Sachin.
DESC: implement client side accept header support

  • BrowserControl/src/BrCtl.cpp: (CBrCtl::SetParamL):
  • ResourceLoader/inc/LoaderContainer.h: (CLoaderContainer::ClientAcceptHeaders):
  • ResourceLoader/src/HttpTransaction.cpp: (CHttpTransaction::AddRequestHeadersL):
  • ResourceLoader/src/LoaderContainer.cpp: (CLoaderContainer::~CLoaderContainer): (CLoaderContainer::SetClientAcceptHeadersL):
11:22 Changeset [20658] by spadma

2007-04-02 bujtas <zbujtas@gmail.com>

Reviewed by Sachin.
DESC: implement client side accept header support

  • BrowserControl/src/BrCtl.cpp: (CBrCtl::SetParamL):
  • ResourceLoader/inc/LoaderContainer.h: (CLoaderContainer::ClientAcceptHeaders):
  • ResourceLoader/src/HttpTransaction.cpp: (CHttpTransaction::AddRequestHeadersL):
  • ResourceLoader/src/LoaderContainer.cpp: (CLoaderContainer::~CLoaderContainer): (CLoaderContainer::SetClientAcceptHeadersL):
10:39 Changeset [20657] by zbujtas

2007-04-02 yongjzha <yonjun.zhang@nokia.com>

Reviewed by bjutas@gmail.com.
DESC: suppress false memory leaking alert.

  • khtml/css/css_base.h: (DOM::):
  • khtml/css/cssparser.h: (DOM::Value::): (DOM::qString): (DOM::domString): (DOM::atomicString): (DOM::):
10:36 Changeset [20656] by harrison

2007-04-02 David Harrison <harrison@apple.com>

Reviewed by Darin.

<rdar://problem/4906488> text attributes are not working for frame based web page

Attribute handling now treats each WebArea as its own world, rather than sometimes
referring back up to the top WebArea. e.g. getting/setting the selection now
operates on the WebArea containing the WebCoreAXObject that is being messaged (self).
The methods that sit above this and are able to go into arbitrary WebAreas
are accessibilityFocusedUIElement and doAXTextMarkerForPosition, allowing VoiceOver
to navigate between frames.

  • bridge/mac/WebCoreAXObject.mm: (-[WebCoreAXObject topRenderer]): (-[WebCoreAXObject frameView]): (-[WebCoreAXObject topFrameView]): Removed topDocument, renamed topView to topFrameView, added frameView.

(-[WebCoreAXObject accessibilityAttributeValue:]):
AXSelectedTextMarkerRange, AXStartTextMarker, and AXEndTextMarker now use
self's WebArea, rather than the top WebArea.

(-[WebCoreAXObject doAXTextMarkerRangeForLine:]):
Use self's WebArea, rather than the top WebArea.

(-[WebCoreAXObject doAXTextMarkerForPosition:]):
Use renamed methods for accessing top WebArea.

(-[WebCoreAXObject doAXBoundsForTextMarkerRange:]):
Use renamed methods for accessing self's WebArea.

(-[WebCoreAXObject rendererForView:]):
Clean up uses of nil and NULL.

(-[WebCoreAXObject accessibilityFocusedUIElement]):
Find the focused node on the whole page. If there is no focused node,
return the WebArea for the focused document.

(-[WebCoreAXObject doSetAXSelectedTextMarkerRange:]):
Use self's WebArea, rather than the top WebArea.

10:36 Changeset [20655] by zbujtas

2007-04-02 yongjzha <yonjun.zhang@nokia.com>

Reviewed by bjutas@gmail.com.
DESC: suppress false memory leaking alert.

  • khtml/css/css_base.h: (DOM::):
  • khtml/css/cssparser.h: (DOM::Value::): (DOM::qString): (DOM::domString): (DOM::atomicString): (DOM::):
03:06 Changeset [20654] by antti

Fix build. This one was not supposed to be checked in.

  • rendering/RenderFlexibleBox.cpp: (WebCore::RenderFlexibleBox::layoutBlock):
02:43 Changeset [20653] by antti

Reviewed by Hyatt.

Render tree memory savings, part 2

  • Move staticX and staticY variables to RenderLayer since they are only applicable to positioned objects
  • Move very rarely used overrideSize variable to hash

These changes shrink all box types by 12 bytes

  • rendering/RenderBox.cpp: (WebCore::RenderBox::RenderBox): (WebCore::RenderBox::destroy): (WebCore::RenderBox::overrideSize): (WebCore::RenderBox::setOverrideSize): (WebCore::RenderBox::overrideWidth): (WebCore::RenderBox::overrideHeight): (WebCore::RenderBox::position): (WebCore::RenderBox::calcWidth): (WebCore::RenderBox::calcHeight): (WebCore::RenderBox::staticX): (WebCore::RenderBox::staticY): (WebCore::RenderBox::setStaticX): (WebCore::RenderBox::setStaticY): (WebCore::RenderBox::calcAbsoluteHorizontal): (WebCore::RenderBox::calcAbsoluteVertical): (WebCore::RenderBox::calcAbsoluteHorizontalReplaced): (WebCore::RenderBox::calcAbsoluteVerticalReplaced):
  • rendering/RenderBox.h:
  • rendering/RenderLayer.cpp: (WebCore::RenderLayer::RenderLayer):
  • rendering/RenderLayer.h: (WebCore::RenderLayer::staticX): (WebCore::RenderLayer::staticY): (WebCore::RenderLayer::setStaticX): (WebCore::RenderLayer::setStaticY):
  • rendering/RenderObject.cpp: (WebCore::RenderObject::RenderObject):
  • rendering/RenderObject.h: (WebCore::): (WebCore::RenderObject::hasOverrideSize): (WebCore::RenderObject::setHasOverrideSize):
  • rendering/RenderWidget.cpp: (WebCore::RenderWidget::destroy):


20:04 Changeset [20652] by sfalken

New tag.

16:29 Changeset [20651] by sfalken

Merge fix from r20570

16:27 Changeset [20650] by sfalken

Merge fix from r20565

16:01 Changeset [20649] by kjk

Not reviewed - gdk build fix.

  • platform/gdk/TemporaryLinkStubs.cpp: (Font::selectionRectForComplexText): (Font::drawComplexText):


22:41 Changeset [20648] by ap

Reviewed by Darin.

REGRESSION: Nightly won't load Curl plugin for full page use

  • dom/DOMImplementation.cpp: (WebCore::DOMImplementation::createDocument): Re-order cases to give more priority to plugins. This also fixes Adobe SVG Viewer and any plugins that register XML MIME types. Added a case for XHTML to avoid enumerating plugins.
22:33 Changeset [23212] by hyatt

Remove bogus comment.

22:30 Changeset [23211] by hyatt

Fix layout of justified selected text.

22:21 Changeset [20647] by hyatt
22:20 Changeset [20646] by hyatt

Fix for bug 13234, layout of selected justified text is broken. Rework TextRuns to avoid having
from/to members. Let those be passed in only by the functions that need them (drawing and selection rect).

Reviewed by mitz


  • platform/Font.cpp: (WebCore::WidthIterator::WidthIterator): (WebCore::WidthIterator::advance): (WebCore::Font::canUseGlyphCache): (WebCore::Font::drawSimpleText): (WebCore::Font::drawText): (WebCore::Font::floatWidth): (WebCore::Font::floatWidthForSimpleText): (WebCore::Font::selectionRectForText): (WebCore::Font::selectionRectForSimpleText): (WebCore::Font::offsetForPositionForSimpleText):
  • platform/Font.h: (WebCore::TextRun::m_len):
  • platform/graphics/GraphicsContext.cpp: (WebCore::GraphicsContext::drawText): (WebCore::GraphicsContext::drawHighlightForText):
  • platform/graphics/GraphicsContext.h:
  • platform/mac/FontMac.mm: (WebCore::addDirectionalOverride): (WebCore::overrideLayoutOperation): (WebCore::ATSULayoutParameters::initialize): (WebCore::Font::selectionRectForComplexText): (WebCore::Font::drawComplexText): (WebCore::Font::floatWidthForComplexText): (WebCore::Font::offsetForPositionForComplexText):
  • platform/qt/FontQt.cpp: (WebCore::Font::drawComplexText): (WebCore::Font::floatWidthForComplexText):
  • platform/qt/TemporaryLinkStubs.cpp: (Font::selectionRectForComplexText):
  • rendering/EllipsisBox.cpp: (WebCore::EllipsisBox::paint):
  • rendering/InlineTextBox.cpp: (WebCore::InlineTextBox::selectionRect): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::paint): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::paintSelection): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::paintMarkedTextBackground): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::paintSpellingOrGrammarMarker): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::paintTextMatchMarker): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::offsetForPosition): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::positionForOffset):
  • rendering/RenderListMarker.cpp: (WebCore::RenderListMarker::paint): (WebCore::RenderListMarker::calcMinMaxWidth): (WebCore::RenderListMarker::getRelativeMarkerRect):
  • rendering/RenderMenuList.cpp: (WebCore::RenderMenuList::updateOptionsWidth):
  • rendering/RenderText.cpp: (WebCore::RenderText::widthFromCache): (WebCore::RenderText::width):
22:04 Changeset [20645] by bdash

2007-03-31 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>

Reviewed by Darin.


REGRESSION (r20506): Repro crash/assert when using scroll wheel on a list box taller than its contents

  • platform/ScrollBar.cpp: (WebCore::Scrollbar::setValue): Cleaned up a little. (WebCore::Scrollbar::scroll): Changed to apply the minimum and maximum constraints in the right order, and cleaned up a little.
21:59 Changeset [20644] by andrew

2007-03-31 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>

Reviewed by Darin.

  • fast/images/text-content-crash-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/images/text-content-crash.html: Added.

2007-03-31 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>

Reviewed by Darin.

Test: fast/images/text-content-crash.html

  • html/HTMLImageElement.cpp: (WebCore::HTMLImageElement::parseMappedAttribute): Added a check that the renderer is an image. (WebCore::HTMLImageElement::attach): Ditto.
21:50 Changeset [20643] by bdash

2007-03-31 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>

Reviewed by Mitz.

Fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13239
Bug 13239: REGRESSION (r20343): Drosera hits exception trying to call "count" cross-process

Use -[WebScriptObject valueForKey:@"length"] to retrieve the length of a JavaScript array
rather than -[WebScriptObject count].

  • Drosera/DebuggerDocument.m: (-[DebuggerDocument webScriptAttributeKeysForScriptObject:]):
21:48 Changeset [20642] by bdash

2007-03-31 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>

Reviewed by Darin.

A more correct fix for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13129
Bug 13129: Democracy Player dies in NSException from WebScriptObject on startup

The previous attempt at a fix in r20343 attempted to conditionally expose the 'count'
method. It did not work which resulted in 'count' always being hidden. This change
disables -[WebScriptObject count] completely until it can be determined whether it is
needed and how to support it without breaking third-party applications.

  • bindings/objc/WebScriptObject.mm: (-[WebScriptObject count]):
  • bindings/objc/WebScriptObjectPrivate.h:
21:28 Changeset [23210] by sfalken

Filesystem layout changes:

<rdar://problem/5091159> Boomer has no bundle identifier - is the bundle correctly formed?
<rdar://problem/5088764> Move the "Icon.db" file under "Local Settings"

11:24 Changeset [23209] by adele

Reviewed by Adam.

A little cleanup from my last change. Added a comment, and moved a JSStringRelease call to a better place.

  • DumpRenderTree/DumpRenderTree.vcproj/DumpRenderTree/EventSender.cpp: (keyDownCallback):
08:32 Changeset [20641] by ddkilzer

Replaced bogus 'text/plain' svn property with svn:mime-type property set to 'text/javascript'.
Fixed one instance where 'allow-tabs' property and 'true' value were reversed.

04:30 Changeset [20640] by ddkilzer

Replaced bogus 'text/plain' svn property with svn:mime-type property set to 'text/javascript'.

03:25 Changeset [20639] by ap

2007-03-31 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>

Reviewed by Sam Weinig.

  • pixel test for partially selected justified text
  • fast/text/justified-selection-expected.checksum: Added.
  • fast/text/justified-selection-expected.png: Added.
  • fast/text/justified-selection-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/text/justified-selection.html: Added.
03:18 Changeset [20638] by ap

2007-03-31 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>

Reviewed by Darin.

A layout test documenting shrink-to-fit width calculation for floating elements.

  • fast/block/float/shrink-to-fit-width-expected.checksum: Added.
  • fast/block/float/shrink-to-fit-width-expected.png: Added.
  • fast/block/float/shrink-to-fit-width-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/block/float/shrink-to-fit-width.html: Added.
03:07 Changeset [20637] by ap

2007-03-31 Nicholas Shanks <webkit@nickshanks.com>

Reviewed by Adele.

HTMLImageElement longdesc should be complete resolved URL

Test: fast/dom/HTMLImageElement/image-longdesc-absolute-url.html

  • html/HTMLImageElement.cpp: (WebCore::HTMLImageElement::longDesc): Return absolute URL. Behaviour now matches Firefox and Opera.
01:26 Changeset [20636] by ap

2007-03-31 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>

Reviewed by Hyatt.

Test: fast/repaint/list-marker-2.html

A list marker can increase the horizontal overflow after layoutInlineChildren(),
so made that function return only the vertical bounds of the repaint rect. As the
horizontal bounds, made layoutBlock() just use the overflow bounds after layout.

  • rendering/RenderBlock.cpp: (WebCore::RenderBlock::layoutBlock):
  • rendering/RenderBlock.h:
  • rendering/bidi.cpp: (WebCore::RenderBlock::layoutInlineChildren):
00:59 Changeset [20635] by ap

2007-03-31 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>

Reviewed by Hyatt.

Test: fast/text/wide-zero-width-space.html

  • platform/FontData.cpp: (WebCore::FontData::FontData): Force the ZERO WIDTH SPACE glyph to have width 0, unless the SPACE character maps to the same glyph.
00:49 Changeset [20634] by ap

2007-03-31 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>

Reviewed by Darin.


  • html/HTMLTokenizer.cpp: (WebCore::HTMLTokenizer::parseTag): Made "<" terminate tag and attribute names. This matches Firefox.


  • fast/overflow/002-expected.checksum:
  • fast/overflow/002-expected.png:
  • fast/overflow/002-expected.txt:
  • fast/overflow/002.html: Added missing ">" to one of the BR tags.
  • fast/text/atsui-multiple-renderers-expected.checksum:
  • fast/text/atsui-multiple-renderers-expected.png:
  • fast/text/atsui-multiple-renderers-expected.txt:
  • fast/text/atsui-multiple-renderers.html: Added missing ">" to the TITLE tag.
  • fast/tokenizer/lessthan-terminates-tags-and-attrs-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/tokenizer/lessthan-terminates-tags-and-attrs.html: Added.


20:39 Changeset [20633] by sfalken

New tag.

19:41 Changeset [20632] by sfalken

Merge fix from r20543

19:25 Changeset [20631] by ddkilzer

Replaced bogus 'text/plain' svn property with svn:mime-type property set to 'text/javascript'.

16:13 Changeset [23208] by adele


Reviewed by Beth.

Fix for <rdar://problem/5079824> editing/deleting/delete-by-word-001 is failing

  • DumpRenderTree/DumpRenderTree.vcproj/DumpRenderTree/EventSender.cpp: (keyDownCallback): Added hack to convert option-delete to ctrl-delete. Also fixed this to correctly convert ascii codes to virtual key codes, which removes the need for the special conversion of '\n' to VK_RETURN.


Reviewed by Beth.

Fix <rdar://problem/5079824> editing/deleting/delete-by-word-001 is failing

  • WebView.cpp: Add DeleteWordForward and DeleteWordBackward to key command table.
15:31 Changeset [23207] by andersca

Reviewed by Adele.

Crash when submitting form, running under App Verifier

  • WebActionPropertyBag.cpp: (findMouseEvent): Return the right event.
14:56 Changeset [20630] by sfalken

Merge fix from r20558

14:53 Changeset [20629] by sfalken

Merge fix from r20542

14:51 Changeset [20628] by sfalken

Merge fix from r20537

14:46 Changeset [20627] by sfalken

Merge fix from r20535

14:43 Changeset [20626] by sfalken

Merge fix from r20520

14:41 Changeset [20625] by andersca


Reviewed by Geoff.

  • plugins/destroy-stream-twice.html: Put the scripts before the embed element. Set the timeout in the onstreamload handler.


Reviewed by Geoff.

Add an "onstreamload" attribute to the plugin which is called when a stream starts loading.

  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/PluginObject.h:
  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/main.c: (NPP_New): Look for the onstreamload attribute.

Free the onstreamload attribute.

Call the onstreamload handler.

14:40 Changeset [20624] by sfalken

Merge fix from r20503

14:33 Changeset [20623] by sfalken

Merge fix from r20502

13:57 Changeset [20622] by ap

Debug build fix.

  • xml/XPathValue.cpp: (WebCore::XPath::): Define Value::adopt.
13:54 Changeset [20621] by ggaren

Removing an assertion I just added because it's crashing the Leopard
buildbot. The related layout test will still report a failure, so we
don't really need this assertion.

  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/PluginObject.c: (pluginInvoke):
13:31 Changeset [20620] by ap

Reviewed by Darin.

XPath can be very slow

This patch finally makes us faster than Firefox 2.0 on this test case.

  • xml/XPathFunctions.cpp: (WebCore::XPath::FunConcat::evaluate): Use a Vector buffer for faster appending. (WebCore::XPath::FunId::evaluate): Move the result NodeSet into Value instead of copying it. (WebCore::XPath::FunLocalName::evaluate): Cosmetic changes. (WebCore::XPath::FunNamespaceURI::evaluate): Ditto. (WebCore::XPath::FunName::evaluate): Ditto. (WebCore::XPath::FunNormalizeSpace::evaluate): Ditto.
  • xml/XPathValue.cpp: (WebCore::XPath::Value::toNodeSet): (WebCore::XPath::Value::modifiableNodeSet): (WebCore::XPath::Value::toBoolean): (WebCore::XPath::Value::toNumber): (WebCore::XPath::Value::toString):
  • xml/XPathValue.h: (WebCore::XPath::ValueData::ValueData): (WebCore::XPath::Value::Value): Made Value copying faster by putting large data members into a separate refcounted ValueData class. Added provisions for moving a NodeSet in and out of Value without copying. Made construction safer by moving bool version to a template constructor. Removed an (almost) unused default constructor.
  • xml/XPathPredicate.h: Store a Value for literal string and number expressions to avoid constructing one each time.
  • xml/XPathPath.cpp: (WebCore::XPath::Filter::evaluate): (WebCore::XPath::LocationPath::evaluate): (WebCore::XPath::Path::evaluate):
  • xml/XPathPath.h:
  • xml/XPathPredicate.cpp: (WebCore::XPath::NumericOp::evaluate): (WebCore::XPath::Union::evaluate):
  • xml/XPathResult.cpp: (WebCore::XPathResult::snapshotItem):
  • xml/XPathStep.cpp: (WebCore::XPath::Step::evaluate): (WebCore::XPath::Step::nodesInAxis):
  • xml/XPathStep.h: Got rid of unnecessary NodeSet copying in many cases.
13:13 Changeset [20619] by andersca

Reviewed by Geoff.

  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/TestObject.c: (testAllocate): (testEnumerate): Add casts.

  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/TestObject.h: Don't use #import, use #include.
13:12 Changeset [23206] by andersca


Reviewed by Geoff.

  • plugins/win/PluginDatabaseWin.cpp: (WebCore::PluginDatabaseWin::addExtraPluginPath):
  • plugins/win/PluginDatabaseWin.h: New function for adding an extra plugin path, to be used by DRT.

  • plugins/win/PluginPackageWin.cpp: (WebCore::PluginPackageWin::load): Set the current directory tho the plugin directory while loading the plugin. Add new NPN callbacks.

  • plugins/win/PluginViewWin.cpp: (WebCore::PluginViewWin::invalidateRect): (WebCore::PluginViewWin::invalidateRegion): (WebCore::PluginViewWin::forceRedraw): Don't do anything if the plugin is windowed.

  • plugins/win/npapi.cpp: (NPN_PushPopupsEnabledState): (NPN_PopPopupsEnabledState): Add stubs.

  • plugins/win/npfunctions.h: Add new methods and merge some fixes from the open source version.


Reviewed by Geoff.

  • Interfaces/IWebViewPrivate.idl: Add addAdditionalPluginPath method.

  • WebKit.vcproj/WebKit.vcproj: Copy NP includes so they can be included by the test plugin.

  • WebView.cpp: (WebView::stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString): Hold JSLock while we call JSValue::getString().


  • WebView.h: Implement addAdditionalPluginPath.
12:59 Changeset [20618] by andersca

Reviewed by Alexey.

  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/PluginObject.c: (pluginInvoke): Free the identifier string.
12:50 Changeset [20617] by justing


Reviewed by john

<rdar://problem/5076323> Only one To Do can be created by a selection in a message

  • editing/selection/5076323-1-expected.checksum: Added.
  • editing/selection/5076323-1-expected.txt: Added.
  • editing/selection/5076323-1.html: Added.
  • editing/selection/5076323-2-expected.checksum: Added.
  • editing/selection/5076323-2-expected.txt: Added.
  • editing/selection/5076323-2.html: Added.
  • editing/selection/5076323-3-expected.checksum: Added.
  • editing/selection/5076323-3-expected.txt: Added.
  • editing/selection/5076323-3.html: Added.


Reviewed by john

<rdar://problem/5076323> Only one To Do can be created by a selection in a message

When Mail's ToDoify operation called moveToEndOfDocument:
with a selection that started just before a ToDo, we'd
move them to the end of the document, not to the end
of the editable root, because we incorrectly checked
for the editability of positions before ToDos. Then Mail
would refuse to create a ToDo because the selection was
outside of the region where they allowed editing.

  • editing/SelectionController.cpp: (WebCore::SelectionController::modifyExtendingRightForward): Check the position for editability, not the position's node, since there are editable positions of the form [node, offset] where node is contenteditable=false. Re-use pos. Nothing that happens after it's created can invalidate it or the position and affinity used to create it. (WebCore::SelectionController::modifyMovingRightForward): Ditto. (WebCore::SelectionController::modifyExtendingLeftBackward): Ditto. (WebCore::SelectionController::modifyMovingLeftBackward): Ditto.
  • rendering/RenderBlock.cpp: (WebCore::RenderBlock::paintCaret): Ditto.
11:24 Changeset [20616] by beidson

Reviewed by Brian Dash

Fixes an intermittent failure in the port blocking layout test where
some sort of indeterminacy would change the error code the networking
layer reported.

  • security/block-test-expected.txt:
  • security/block-test.html: Use instead of a bogus domain name
11:13 Changeset [20615] by adele


Reviewed by Darin.

Added DeleteWordBackward and DeleteWordForward to execCommand.

  • editing/Editor.cpp: (WebCore::execDeleteWordBackward): (WebCore::execDeleteWordForward): (WebCore::CommandEntry::):


Reviewed by Darin.

Call execCommand for deleteWordForward and deleteWordBackward instead of calling
deleteWithDirection directly.

  • WebView/WebHTMLView.mm: (-[WebHTMLView deleteWordForward:]): (-[WebHTMLView deleteWordBackward:]):
11:10 Changeset [20614] by andersca

Build fix.

  • bindings/NP_jsobject.cpp: (_NPN_Enumerate):
10:45 Changeset [23205] by andersca

Reviewed by Geoff.

10:29 Changeset [20613] by andersca


Reviewed by Geoff.

Implement _NPN_Enumerate support.

  • JavaScriptCore.exp:
  • bindings/NP_jsobject.cpp: (_NPN_Enumerate):
  • bindings/c/c_instance.cpp: (KJS::Bindings::CInstance::getPropertyNames):
  • bindings/c/c_instance.h:
  • bindings/npapi.h:
  • bindings/npruntime.h:
  • bindings/npruntime_impl.h:
  • bindings/runtime.h: (KJS::Bindings::Instance::getPropertyNames):
  • bindings/runtime_object.cpp: (RuntimeObjectImp::getPropertyNames):
  • bindings/runtime_object.h: (KJS::RuntimeObjectImp::getInternalInstance):


Reviewed by Geoff.

Add enumeration test.

  • plugins/netscape-enumerate-expected.txt: Added.
  • plugins/netscape-enumerate.html: Added.


Reviewed by Geoff.

  • Plugins/WebNetscapePluginPackage.m: (-[WebNetscapePluginPackage load]): Initialize pushpopupsenabledstate, poppopupsenabledstate and enumerate.

  • Plugins/npapi.m: (NPN_PushPopupsEnabledState): (NPN_PopPopupsEnabledState): Add stubs for these functions.

  • Plugins/npfunctions.h: Add new methods to NPNetscapeFuncs.


Reviewed by Geoff.

  • DumpRenderTree/DumpRenderTree.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Add TestObject.c and TestObject.h

  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/PluginObject.c: (pluginGetProperty): Implement the testObject property.

Implement testEnumerate which takes an object and an array and enumerates
the properties of the object and adds them to the array.

Allocate the test object.

Free the test object.

  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/TestObject.c: Added.
  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/TestObject.h: Added. Add a test object with two enumerable properties.
08:33 Changeset [20612] by hausmann

Fix Qt release builds

05:55 Changeset [20611] by antti

Reviewed by bdash.

Spotted an int that should be float in previous patch.

  • platform/Font.cpp: (WebCore::WidthIterator::advance):
02:59 Changeset [20610] by antti

Reviewed by Hyatt.

Render tree memory savings, part 1

  • Eliminate caching of monospace char width from RenderText. This optimization is not needed anymore since Font already caches space width (RenderText -4 bytes)
  • Eliminate caching of tab width from RenderBlock. Similary this optimization has become obsolete (RenderBlock -4 bytes)
  • platform/Font.cpp: (WebCore::WidthIterator::advance): (WebCore::Font::spaceWidth):
  • platform/Font.h: (WebCore::Font::tabWidth):
  • platform/TextStyle.h: (WebCore::TextStyle::TextStyle): (WebCore::TextStyle::allowTabs):
  • rendering/InlineTextBox.cpp: (WebCore::InlineTextBox::selectionRect): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::paint): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::paintSelection): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::paintMarkedTextBackground): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::paintSpellingOrGrammarMarker): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::paintTextMatchMarker): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::offsetForPosition): (WebCore::InlineTextBox::positionForOffset):
  • rendering/RenderBlock.cpp: (WebCore:::RenderFlow): (WebCore::RenderBlock::setStyle):
  • rendering/RenderBlock.h:
  • rendering/RenderObject.cpp:
  • rendering/RenderObject.h:
  • rendering/RenderText.cpp: (WebCore::RenderText::RenderText): (WebCore::RenderText::setStyle): (WebCore::RenderText::widthFromCache): (WebCore::RenderText::trimmedMinMaxWidth): (WebCore::RenderText::calcMinMaxWidthInternal): (WebCore::RenderText::setTextInternal): (WebCore::RenderText::width):
  • rendering/RenderText.h: (WebCore::RenderText::allowTabs):
  • rendering/bidi.cpp:
02:51 Changeset [20609] by hyatt

Fix (take 2) for bug 4334, flickering when floating elements gain/lose transparency.

Reviewed by mitz

  • rendering/RenderBlock.cpp:
  • rendering/RenderBlock.h:
  • rendering/RenderBox.cpp: (WebCore::RenderBox::setStyle):


20:17 Changeset [20608] by ggaren

Layout test for <rdar://problem/5061807>. (This one's for you, Boyscout!)

  • fast/frames/remove-frame-with-scrollbars-crash-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/frames/remove-frame-with-scrollbars-crash.html: Added.
19:36 Changeset [20607] by weinig


Reviewed by Darin.

  • fast/tokenizer/write-partial-entity-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/tokenizer/write-partial-entity.html: Added.


Reviewed by Darin.

Test: fast/tokenizer/write-partial-entity.html

  • html/HTMLTokenizer.cpp: (WebCore::HTMLTokenizer::parseTag): Reordered to avoid resetting the buffer position after script execution which can write to the buffer.
17:11 Changeset [20606] by justing


Reviewed by john

<rdar://problem/5099303> Deleting after a ToDo puts the caret in the wrong position

Tests for the bug:

  • editing/deleting/5099303-expected.checksum: Added.
  • editing/deleting/5099303-expected.png: Added.
  • editing/deleting/5099303-expected.txt: Added.
  • editing/deleting/5099303.html: Added. Tests that extending an editable selection skips non-editable content:
  • editing/selection/5099303-expected.checksum: Added.
  • editing/selection/5099303-expected.png: Added.
  • editing/selection/5099303-expected.txt: Added.
  • editing/selection/5099303.html: Added.


Reviewed by john

<rdar://problem/5099303> Deleting after a ToDo puts the caret in the wrong position

We were failing to create the correct selection
for DeleteSelectionCommand because the selection extension
operations don't skip over non-editable content for editable

  • editing/SelectionController.cpp: (WebCore::SelectionController::modifyExtendingRightForward): When extending an editable selection, don't extend into non-editable content. (WebCore::SelectionController::modifyExtendingLeftBackward): Ditto.
17:04 Changeset [20605] by thatcher


17:04 Changeset [20604] by thatcher


17:03 Changeset [20603] by thatcher


17:03 Changeset [20602] by thatcher


16:58 Changeset [20601] by thatcher

Merge fix from r20516.

16:50 Changeset [20600] by thatcher

Merge fix from r20565.

16:49 Changeset [20599] by thatcher

Merge fix from r20542.

16:47 Changeset [20598] by thatcher

Merge fix from r20520.

16:26 Changeset [20597] by ggaren


Reviewed by Beth Dakin.

Layout test for <rdar://problem/5091330> REGRESSION: Repro crash in
-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView(WebNPPCallbacks) destroyStream:reason:]
navigating away from page with DivX movie plug-in (13203)

  • plugins/destroy-stream-twice-expected.txt: Added.
  • plugins/destroy-stream-twice.html: Added.


Reviewed by Beth Dakin, reviewed by Maciej Stachowiak.

Layout test for <rdar://problem/5091330> REGRESSION: Repro crash in
-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView(WebNPPCallbacks) destroyStream:reason:]
navigating away from page with DivX movie plug-in (13203)

Changed LOG_ERROR to LOG so the layout test doesn't produce console spew
every time you run it.

  • Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginView.mm: (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView destroyStream:reason:]):


Reviewed by Beth Dakin.

Layout test for <rdar://problem/5091330> REGRESSION: Repro crash in
-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView(WebNPPCallbacks) destroyStream:reason:]
navigating away from page with DivX movie plug-in (13203)

Added hasStream property and destroyStream function, used by layout test.

  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/PluginObject.c: (pluginGetProperty): (pluginInvoke): (pluginAllocate):
  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/PluginObject.h:
  • DumpRenderTree/TestNetscapePlugIn.subproj/main.c: (NPP_NewStream):
16:24 Changeset [20596] by bdakin

Rubber-stamped by Adam.

Keep OpenSource building.

  • WebKitSystemInterface.h:
  • libWebKitSystemInterface.a:
16:24 Changeset [20595] by pyeh

<rdar://problem/4918397> Exception raise inspecting note contents in the background

  • bridge/mac/WebCoreAXObject.mm: (-[WebCoreAXObject subrole]): (-[WebCoreAXObject title]): Check that attachment supports the attribute before requesting it.
16:16 Changeset [20594] by justing

I forgot add this expected result in my previous checkin.

16:13 Changeset [20593] by bdakin

Reviewed by Brady.

Fix for <rdar://problem/4674537> REGRESSION: Adobe Acrobat 8 - Text
blinks when mouse is moved, and is invisible otherwise


<rdar://problem/4992521> Please adjust WebKit's Acrobat-workaround

The fix for the first bug is to compare against the bundle
identifiers for Adobe Reader and the non-Pro Adobe Acrobat in
addition to Adobe Acrobat Pro. The fix for the second bug is to
check the version number of Acrobat/Reader through
WebKitSystemInterface instead of checking which version of WebKit
it has been linked against.

  • English.lproj/StringsNotToBeLocalized.txt: Two new bundle identifiers.
  • Misc/WebKitVersionChecks.h: Remove Acrobat quirk constant.
  • WebView/WebView.mm: (-[WebView _updateWebCoreSettingsFromPreferences:]):
16:01 Changeset [20592] by thatcher

New tag based on r20497.

15:34 Changeset [20591] by justing


Reviewed by john

<rdar://problem/5032066> <Delete> should work between To Dos

Demonstrates the fix:

  • editing/deleting/5032066-expected.checksum: Added.
  • editing/deleting/5032066-expected.png: Added.
  • editing/deleting/5032066-expected.txt: Added.
  • editing/deleting/5032066.html: Added.


  • editing/deleting/delete-block-table-expected.checksum:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-table-expected.png:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-table-expected.txt:

shouldInsertNode:... now being called during moves:

  • editing/deleting/delete-3857753-fix-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-at-paragraph-boundaries-003-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-at-paragraph-boundaries-007-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-at-paragraph-boundaries-009-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-001-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-002-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-003-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-004-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-005-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-006-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-007-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-008-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-009-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-010-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-012-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-013-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-014-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-015-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-016-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-017-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-018-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-019-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-020-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-021-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-block-merge-contents-022-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-br-010-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-line-002-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-line-004-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-line-006-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-line-007-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-line-008-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-line-011-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-line-012-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-listitem-001-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/delete-to-end-of-paragraph-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/merge-different-styles-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/merge-no-br-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/pruning-after-merge-1-expected.txt:
  • editing/deleting/pruning-after-merge-2-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/create-list-from-range-selection-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/create-list-with-hr-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/format-block-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/format-block-from-range-selection-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/format-block-with-braces-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/format-block-with-trailing-br-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/indent-list-item-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/indent-selection-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/insert-list-and-stitch-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/insert-list-with-id-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/nsresponder-indent-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/outdent-selection-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/queryCommandState-01-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/remove-list-1-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/remove-list-from-range-selection-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/remove-list-item-1-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/remove-list-items-expected.txt:
  • editing/execCommand/switch-list-type-expected.txt:
  • editing/inserting/insert-3907422-fix-expected.txt:
  • editing/inserting/insert-div-026-expected.txt:
  • editing/inserting/multiple-lines-selected-expected.txt:
  • editing/inserting/return-key-with-selection-001-expected.txt:
  • editing/inserting/return-key-with-selection-002-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/4076267-2-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/4700297-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/8145-3-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/display-block-on-spans-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/emacs-ctrl-k-y-001-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/interchange-newline-1-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/interchange-newline-2-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-after-delete-1-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-after-delete-2-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-after-delete-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-end-1-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-end-2-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-end-3-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-end-4-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-end-5-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-end-blockquote-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-end-borders-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-end-list-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/merge-end-table-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-line-endings-007-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-line-endings-008-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-line-endings-009-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-match-style-001-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-text-002-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-text-003-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-text-004-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-text-005-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-text-006-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-text-008-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-text-009-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/paste-text-010-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/smart-paste-001-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/smart-paste-002-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/smart-paste-003-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/smart-paste-004-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/smart-paste-005-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/smart-paste-006-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/smart-paste-007-expected.txt:
  • editing/pasteboard/smart-paste-008-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/create-block-for-style-001-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/create-block-for-style-002-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/create-block-for-style-003-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/create-block-for-style-004-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/create-block-for-style-007-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/create-block-for-style-009-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/create-block-for-style-010-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/create-block-for-style-011-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/create-block-for-style-012-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/create-block-for-style-013-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/smoosh-styles-001-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/smoosh-styles-002-expected.txt:
  • editing/style/style-boundary-005-expected.txt:
  • editing/unsupported-content/list-delete-001-expected.txt:


Reviewed by john

<rdar://problem/5032066> Delete should work between ToDos

Stop selecting the table when the user attempts to delete
the line break just after it, instead, extend the selection
into the last table cell.
Let deletion merge content into table cells (as long as
its not from another table cell).
Start calling shouldInsertNode:replacingDOMRange:givenAction:
when moving content with moveParagraphs, so that Mail can
modify content before it is moved into a ToDo during a delete.

  • editing/CompositeEditCommand.cpp: (WebCore::CompositeEditCommand::moveParagraphs): Ask the delegate before performing the move. This will let Mail prevent styles from entering a ToDo. Added a FIXME about adding a new WebViewInsertAction
  • editing/DeleteSelectionCommand.cpp: (WebCore::DeleteSelectionCommand::initializePositionData): Allow merging into table cells from content not in a table.
  • editing/SelectionController.cpp: (WebCore::SelectionController::modifyExtendingRightForward): Don't select the table when extending by character/word from just before it. This code was here to make it easier to select tables in order to delete them, but the deletion UI makes it largely unnecessary. (WebCore::SelectionController::modifyExtendingLeftBackward): Ditto.
  • editing/TypingCommand.cpp: (WebCore::isFirstPositionAfterTable): Added. (WebCore::isLastPositionBeforeTable): Ditto. (WebCore::TypingCommand::deleteKeyPressed): When pressing the delete key with a caret at the beginning of a paragraph just after a table, move the paragraph into the last table cell. Do not do this if it would mean moving a block table. Removed some old irrelevant comments.
  • editing/htmlediting.cpp: Removed unused functions.
  • editing/htmlediting.h:
15:14 Changeset [20590] by thatcher

Build fix for Leopard.

13:39 Changeset [20589] by yongjzha

vbradley, reviewed by yongjun

DESC: Fix cursor when browser is brought back from background and a

plugin has focus.


  • Plugin/src/PluginWin.cpp: (CPluginWin::HandleGainingForeground): (CPluginWin::HandleLosingForeground):
13:37 Changeset [20588] by yongjzha

2007-03-29 vbradley <vincent.bradley@nokia.com>

Reviewed by Yongjan.
DESC: Fix cursor when browser is brought back from background and a plugin has focus.

  • Plugin/src/PluginWin.cpp: (CPluginWin::HandleGainingForeground): (CPluginWin::HandleLosingForeground):
13:36 Changeset [20587] by yongjzha

yongjzha <yongjun.zhang@nokia.com>

Reviewed by Zalan <zbujtas@gmail.com>
DESC: refreshing crashes the browser on some sites (kauppalehti.fi, hs.fi)

fix: stop the tokenizer timer when switching to final document from preview document.


  • khtml/html/htmltokenizer.cpp: (khtml::):
  • khtml/html/htmltokenizer.h:
  • khtml/khtml_part.cpp: (KHTMLPart::switchToDocWithPendingSrc):
13:18 Changeset [20586] by yongjzha

2007-03-28 bujtas <zbujtas@gmail.com>

Reviewed by Yongjun.
DESC: RVCT complier is not handling bitfields properly

  • khtml/rendering/render_table.h:
13:11 Changeset [20585] by yongjzha

2007-03-27 rathnasa <sornalatha.rathnasamy@nokia.com>

Reviewed by Yongjun.
DESC: Regression due to patch r20436
TSW Id: TKWG-6Z477F-Browser auto exit when browsing web Page

  • ResourceLoader/src/DefaultContentHandler.cpp: (CDefaultContentHandler::ResponseCompleteL):

13:03 Changeset [20584] by yongjzha

Steve, reviewed by Yongjun Zhang


  • BrowserControl/src/BrCtl.cpp: (CBrCtl::SizeChanged):
13:01 Changeset [20583] by yongjzha

hongzhao, reviewed by yongjun.zhang@nokia.com.

DESC: [S60] Browser doesn't support for DRM image content in 3.2.
Fix: Add function to handle DRM image decoder.

  • BrowserCore/Renderers/inc/StaticImageDecoder.h:
  • BrowserCore/Renderers/src/StaticImageDecoder.cpp: (CRawData::ConstructL): (CStaticImageDecoder::LoadNextImage): (CStaticImageDecoder::DecodeDRMImageL):
  • group/webkit.mmp:
12:13 Changeset [20582] by bdash


12:12 Changeset [20581] by bdash

Merge in r20565.

12:10 Changeset [20580] by bdash

New tag.

12:00 Changeset [20579] by staikos

Add a comment since our current fix is not really acceptable.

11:44 Changeset [20578] by staikos

Remove redundant line.

11:18 Changeset [20577] by yongjzha

2007-03-28 bujtas <zbujtas@gmail.com>

Reviewed by Yongjun.
DESC: RVCT complier is not handling bitfields properly

  • khtml/rendering/render_table.h:
11:05 BuildingOnWindows edited by tommy@ech-wel.nl
10:34 Changeset [20576] by yongjzha

2007-03-29 hongzhao <set EMAIL_ADDRESS environment variable>

Reviewed by yongjun.zhang@nokia.com.
DESC: [S60] Browser doesn't support for DRM image content.
Fix: Make some changes based on Yongjun's comments for the previous 3.1m patch.

  • BrowserCore/Renderers/inc/StaticImageDecoder.h:
  • BrowserCore/Renderers/src/StaticImageDecoder.cpp: (CRawData::ConstructL): (CStaticImageDecoder::LoadNextImage): (CStaticImageDecoder::DecodeDRMImageL):
  • group/webkit.mmp:
10:07 Changeset [20575] by staikos

correct the changelog entry for the patch author.

10:05 Changeset [20574] by staikos

Take into account the entire run length to get a proper selection.
Doesn't seem to affect the Mac build but is a problem for Qt.

10:01 Changeset [20573] by ggaren

Rubber stamped by Beth Dakin.

WebBaseNetscapePluginStream.m => WebBaseNetscapePluginStream.mm, since
it's ObjC++ now.

  • Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginStream.m: Removed.
  • WebKit.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj:
09:59 Changeset [20572] by darin

Layout test for <rdar://problem/4545060>, technorati and arstechnica fail
because of getComputedStyle not reporting display:none.

  • fast/css/computed-style-display-none.html: Added.
  • fast/css/computed-style-display-none-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/css/computed-style-negative-top.html: Updated to work with Gecko.
  • fast/css/computed-style-negative-top-expected.txt: Newline change needed because of change above.
  • fast/css/computed-style.html: Updated to work with Gecko.
08:18 Changeset [20571] by ggaren

Reluctantly tolerated by Darin Adler.

Fixed <rdar://problem/5091330> REGRESSION: Repro crash in
-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView(WebNPPCallbacks) destroyStream:reason:]
navigating away from page with DivX movie plug-in (13203)

The problem was that the DivX plug-in would ask us to destroy an NPStream
that had already been destroyed, causing us to wander off into freed
memory. (I believe the reason this was a regression was that we never used
to destroy plug-in streams, period.)

The solution here is to track the NPStreams belonging to a plug-in, and
guard against plug-ins making calls with NPStreams that don't belong to
them. (It turns out that NPN_DestroyStream is the only stream-based
plug-in call we support.)

(CarbonPathFromPOSIXPath): Fixed up a cast to be C++ compatible.

  • Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginView.mm: (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginView destroyStream:reason:]): The actual fix. Use helper method to guard against a plug-in using an NPStream that doesn't belong to it.
  • WebKit.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Made WebBaseNetscapePluginView ObjC++ so I could use HashMap.
01:41 Changeset [20570] by hyatt

Fix for <rdar://problem/4545060>, technorati and arstechnica fail because of getComputedStyle not
reporting display:none properly when it is set. This is bugzilla bug 13103.

Reviewed by mitz

  • css/CSSComputedStyleDeclaration.cpp: (WebCore::CSSComputedStyleDeclaration::getPropertyCSSValue):
00:49 Changeset [23204] by hyatt

Enable CG's local font cache.

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