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Preparing for 2.12.0

WebkitGtk+ 2.12.0 will be the next release in the stable series (following 2.10.x). We should merge not overly intrusive patches that improve stability or performance, fix build issues, etc. We branched at r 196806 (19/02/16).

When filing bugs ( against stable release, please prefix them with "[GTK] [Stable]" to ensure they are addressed with high priority. Also, running a debug build and including stack traces is highly encouraged. (Don't use "[Stable]" if the bug also applies to master, though.)

To get the stable branch code, simply check out

Over the next few weeks we'll be merging important fixes into the branch, so be sure to stay up to date. Thanks for your help!

Proposed merges for 2.12.3

  • AX: [ATK] We need to be smarter about flattening and the accessible text implementation
  • REGRESSION(r196222): [AX][GTK] accessibility/gtk/caret-offsets.html failing
    (The reason for including this is because in the process of fixing the Layout-Test-only failure, I discovered and fixed a bug in the caret-moved event for list items which would cause Orca to speak the wrong character during caret navigation.)
  • REGRESSION (r199821): Large animated GIFs with slow network do not animate till the last frame
  • [GStreamer] unrelated codecs required to play videos
  • [cmake] Fixed All-in-One build
  • AX: [ATK] Use WebCore Accessibility's AccessibilityText for AtkObject name and description
    This change brings us into better compliance with a couple of W3C specs and fixes several bugs in which the accessible name of objects was missing or broken. Because Orca doesn't always know when/if the accessible name is broken, having this fix is desirable.
  • [GTK] accessibility/aria-readonly.html is failing
    Fixing this failing test was done by adding support for ATK_STATE_READ_ONLY, ATK_STATE_CHECKABLE, and correcting some bugs associated with the exposure of ATK_STATE_EDITABLE. Because Orca doesn't always know when/if the accessible state set isn't quite right, having this fix is desirable.
  • [GTK] accessibility/meter-element.html is failing
    The reason the test was failing is due to lack of implementation. Also, as part of the fix, we are now exposing the aria-valuetext value which had not previously been exposed. Because aria-valuetext is used on a number of ARIA widget roles, and because meters should be accessible, this fix is desirable.

Proposed merges for 2.12.2

Proposed merges for 2.12.1

Proposed merges for 2.11.92

Proposed merges for 2.11.91

Changes on track

Previous versions

For changes in older stable branches see: 2.10.x

Useful commands

To get a wiki-formated list of commits that just got merged:

 $ git log --pretty=oneline <commit>.. | cut -d ' ' -f 5- | sed "s,\(.\+\)\(https://bugs.*\),  * ~~[\2] ''\1''~~,"

How to add a webkit-2.12 branch to existing git-svn clone

If you have already cloned git://, it only contains a git-svn clone of the svn trunk. To add webkit-2.12 branch to there, add a new remote to .git/config:

[svn-remote "webkit-2.12"]
    url =
    fetch = :refs/remotes/git-svn-webkit-2.12

and run the following commands:

git svn fetch webkit-2.12 -r 196806
git branch webkit-2.12 git-svn-webkit-2.12
git checkout webkit-2.12
git svn rebase