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     3= Preparing for 2.18.0 =
     5WebkitGtk+ '''2.18.0''' will be the next release in the stable series (following  [wiki:WebKitGTK/2.16.x 2.16.x]). We should merge not overly intrusive patches that improve stability or performance, fix build issues, etc. We branched at  r220448(09/08/17).
     7When filing bugs ( against stable release, please prefix them with "[GTK] [Stable]" to ensure they are addressed with high
     8priority. Also, running a debug build and including stack traces is highly encouraged.
     9(Don't use "[Stable]" if the bug also applies to master, though.)
     11To get the stable branch code, simply check out
     14Over the next few weeks we'll be merging important fixes into the
     15branch, so be sure to stay up to date. Thanks for your help!
     18== Proposed merges for 2.17.91 ==
     20== Changes on track ==
     22= Previous versions =
     23For changes in older stable branches see: [wiki:WebKitGTK/2.16.x 2.16.x]
     25= Useful commands =
     27To get a wiki-formated list of commits that just got merged:
     30 $ git log --pretty=oneline <commit>.. | cut -d ' ' -f 5- | sed "s,\(.\+\)\(https://bugs.*\),  * ~~[\2] ''\1''~~,"
     33= How to add a webkit-2.18 branch to existing git-svn clone =
     35If you have already cloned git://, it only contains a git-svn clone of the svn trunk. To add webkit-2.18 branch to there, add a new remote to .git/config:
     37[svn-remote "webkit-2.18"]
     38    url =
     39    fetch = :refs/remotes/git-svn-webkit-2.18
     42and run the following commands:
     44git svn fetch webkit-2.18 -r 220448
     45git branch webkit-2.18 git-svn-webkit-2.18
     46git checkout webkit-2.18
     47git svn rebase