23:59 Changeset [23523] by staikos

Fix mod-by-zero crash when typeahead is triggered on an empty select.

23:55 Changeset [23522] by rwlbuis

Build fix.

21:58 Changeset [23521] by darin


Reviewed by Mark Rowe.

Test: fast/js/sort-large-array.html

  • kjs/array_instance.h: Replaced pushUndefinedObjectsToEnd with compactForSorting, and removed ExecState parameters.
  • kjs/array_object.cpp: (ArrayInstance::sort): Changed to call compactForSorting. (ArrayInstance::compactForSorting): Do the get and delete of the properties directly on the property map instead of using public calls from JSObject. The public calls would just read the undefined values from the compacted sort results array!


Reviewed by Mark Rowe.

  • fast/js/resources/sort-large-array.js: Added.
  • fast/js/sort-large-array-expected.txt: Added.
  • fast/js/sort-large-array.html: Added.
21:25 Changeset [23520] by lars

Fix a crash when a request from the plugin resulted
in a HTTP redirect.

20:28 Changeset [23519] by lars

Work around a bug in Qt's QHttp implementation and
get web pages to load again.

19:48 Changeset [23518] by staikos

Fix Mac OS X build

19:32 Changeset [23517] by staikos

missed this in my last checkin - obsolete line

19:24 Changeset [23516] by staikos

Compile without trying to link ourself.

19:23 Changeset [23515] by lars

Disable FastMalloc for the Qt build and make sure we
don't reimplement the global new/delete operators
when using the system malloc.

18:11 Changeset [23514] by darin

Reviewed by Kevin Decker.

  • fix <rdar://problem/5264923> Safari frequently "stalls" beneath +[NSFont fontWithName:size:] while loading a web page (searching on disk for the font)
  • platform/mac/WebFontCache.mm: (+[WebFontCache internalFontWithFamily:traits:size:]): Renamed from fontWithFamily. Took out the auto-activation code. (+[WebFontCache fontWithFamily:traits:size:]): Added. Calls internalFontWithFamily, then calls NSFont to trigger activation if that returned nil, then calls internalFontWithFamily again.
17:55 Changeset [23513] by sfalken

New tag.

17:10 Changeset [23512] by andersca


Reviewed by Geoff.

Make sure that bindings instances get correct root objects.

  • JavaScriptCore.exp:
  • bindings/NP_jsobject.cpp: (listFromVariantArgs): (_NPN_InvokeDefault): (_NPN_Invoke): (_NPN_SetProperty):
  • bindings/c/c_instance.cpp: (KJS::Bindings::CInstance::invokeMethod): (KJS::Bindings::CInstance::invokeDefaultMethod):
  • bindings/c/c_runtime.cpp: (KJS::Bindings::CField::valueFromInstance):
  • bindings/c/c_utility.cpp: (KJS::Bindings::convertNPVariantToValue):
  • bindings/c/c_utility.h:
  • bindings/objc/objc_instance.mm: (ObjcInstance::invokeMethod): (ObjcInstance::invokeDefaultMethod): (ObjcInstance::getValueOfUndefinedField):
  • bindings/objc/objc_runtime.mm: (ObjcField::valueFromInstance): (ObjcArray::valueAt):
  • bindings/objc/objc_utility.h:
  • bindings/objc/objc_utility.mm: (KJS::Bindings::convertObjcValueToValue):
  • bindings/runtime.h:


Reviewed by Geoff.

Pass the root object to methods that end up creating new ObjcInstance objects.

  • bindings/objc/WebScriptObject.mm: (listFromNSArray): (-[WebScriptObject callWebScriptMethod:withArguments:]): (-[WebScriptObject evaluateWebScript:]): (-[WebScriptObject setValue:forKey:]): (-[WebScriptObject valueForKey:]): (-[WebScriptObject removeWebScriptKey:]): (-[WebScriptObject setWebScriptValueAtIndex:value:]):
16:44 Changeset [23511] by andersca

Merge r23510

16:31 Changeset [23510] by andersca

Reviewed by Darin.

Make sure an alert doesn't allow loading to continue inside a script.

Make sure to defer all loads where it's possible for a second main loop to be running.

  • page/Chrome.cpp: (WebCore::Chrome::runModal): (WebCore::Chrome::runBeforeUnloadConfirmPanel): (WebCore::Chrome::runJavaScriptAlert): (WebCore::Chrome::runJavaScriptConfirm): (WebCore::Chrome::runJavaScriptPrompt): (WebCore::PageGroupLoadDeferrer::PageGroupLoadDeferrer): (WebCore::PageGroupLoadDeferrer::~PageGroupLoadDeferrer):

  • platform/network/cf/ResourceHandleCFNet.cpp: (WebCore::ResourceHandle::setDefersLoading): Implement this.
16:14 Changeset [23509] by rwlbuis

Reviewed by Eric.

RenderSVGContainer should be split into multiple classes
KCanvasRenderingStyle should be removed

Introduce the RenderSVGRoot class and kill the KCanvas enums.

15:26 Changeset [23508] by sullivan

Reviewed by Adele Peterson

  • fixed <rdar://problem/5267607> Clicking the "Save to Downloads" button in PDF overlay too soon results in corrupt file
  • WebView/WebPDFView.mm: (-[WebPDFView PDFViewSavePDFToDownloadFolder:]): Just beep if the document isn't available yet, since trying to save it as a file really isn't a good idea.
14:28 Nightly Builds edited by ordody@freeshell.org
13:39 Changeset [23507] by bdash

2007-06-13 Alp Toker <alp.toker@collabora.co.uk>

Reviewed by Rob.

Cairo SVG support

  • WebCore.pro: Add new files to the build.
  • platform/graphics/svg/SVGPaintServerPattern.h:
  • platform/graphics/svg/SVGPaintServerSolid.h:
  • platform/graphics/svg/cairo: Added.
  • platform/graphics/svg/cairo/RenderPathCairo.cpp: Added. (WebCore::RenderPath::strokeContains): (WebCore::RenderPath::strokeBBox):
  • platform/graphics/svg/cairo/SVGPaintServerCairo.cpp: Added. (WebCore::SVGPaintServer::draw): (WebCore::SVGPaintServer::teardown): (WebCore::SVGPaintServer::renderPath):
  • platform/graphics/svg/cairo/SVGPaintServerGradientCairo.cpp: Added. (WebCore::SVGPaintServerGradient::setup):
  • platform/graphics/svg/cairo/SVGPaintServerPatternCairo.cpp: Added. (WebCore::SVGPaintServerPattern::setup):
  • platform/graphics/svg/cairo/SVGPaintServerSolidCairo.cpp: Added. (WebCore::SVGPaintServerSolid::setup):
  • platform/graphics/svg/cairo/SVGResourceClipperCairo.cpp: Added. (WebCore::SVGResourceClipper::applyClip):
  • platform/graphics/svg/cairo/SVGResourceMaskerCairo.cpp: Added. (WebCore::SVGResourceMasker::applyMask):
13:30 Changeset [23506] by sfalken

New tag.

12:27 Changeset [23505] by sfalken

Merged fix from r20855.

11:45 Web Inspector edited by ordody@freeshell.org
11:39 Drosera edited by ordody@freeshell.org
11:27 BuildingOnWindows edited by ordody@freeshell.org
environment updates (diff)
08:25 BuildingOnWindows edited by thiago.correa@gmail.com
Missing pkg-config dependency (diff)
08:01 Changeset [23504] by hausmann

Fix the build: WebKitQt is now called QtWebKit

07:38 Changeset [23503] by hausmann

Added a make install target that installs the Qt port and renamed
WebKitQt to QtWebKit

07:25 Changeset [23502] by spadma

yaharon, reviewed by sachin

DESC: [S60] Fix a crash when tapping the page before it is loaded

  • BrowserView/src/PointerEventHandler.cpp: (CPointerEventHandler::HandlePointerEventL):
07:17 Changeset [23501] by spadma

spadma, reviewed by Zalan

DESC: Memory leak in BrowserNG, RArray needs to be closed


  • BrowserView/src/SmartLinkMap.cpp: (CSmartLinkMap::IndexingCallbackL):
06:05 Changeset [23500] by hausmann

Added httpHeaderField setter/getter to QWebNetworkRequest for convenience.

06:05 Changeset [23499] by hausmann

Changed QWebObjectPluginConnector::requestUrl to take a QWebNetworkRequest as argument.

06:05 Changeset [23498] by hausmann

Added a QWebNetworkRequest convenience constructor.

06:04 Changeset [23497] by hausmann

Changed the QWebPage::open(const QUrl &url, const QHttpRequestHeader &httpHeader, const QByteArray &postData)
overload to take a QWebNetworkRequest instead.

06:04 Changeset [23496] by hausmann

In QWebPage::open(const QUrl &, const QHttpRequestHeader &, ...) don't make the population
of the WebCore::ResourceRequest depend on the validity of the QHttpRequestHeader but just
pick the individual fields if we can use them.

06:04 Changeset [23495] by hausmann

Minor QWebNetworkRequet API fixlet

06:04 Changeset [23494] by hausmann

Use QWebNetworkRequest for QWebPage::navigationRequested.

06:04 Changeset [23493] by hausmann

Some docs for QWebNetworkRequest

06:03 Changeset [23492] by hausmann

Moved QWebNetworkJob::Method enum into QWebNetworkRequest.

06:03 Changeset [23491] by hausmann

Rename QWebNetworkJob::request() into QWebNetworkJob::httpHeader() and added

06:03 Changeset [23490] by hausmann

Introduce QWebNetworkRequest in the public API.

06:03 Changeset [23489] by hausmann

Changed QWebNetworkJobPrivate to aggregate a QWebNetworkRequest instead of inheriting from it.

06:03 Changeset [23488] by hausmann

Rename QWebNetworkRequest::request into QWebNetworkRequest::httpHeader.

00:25 Changeset [23487] by aroben


Rubberstamped by Oliver.

  • platform/win/DragImageWin.cpp: (WebCore::allocImage):


23:56 Changeset [23486] by oliver


Reviewed by Darin.

Use correct size for BITMAPINFOHEADER -- whoops.

  • platform/win/CursorWin.cpp: (WebCore::Cursor::Cursor):
  • platform/win/PasteboardWin.cpp: (WebCore::Pasteboard::writeImage):


Reviewed by Darin.

Use correct size for BITMAPINFOHEADER -- whoops.

  • win/WebIconDatabase.cpp: (createDIB): (WebIconDatabase::getOrCreateDefaultIconBitmap):
23:53 Changeset [23485] by sfalken

Merged fix from r21529.

23:20 Changeset [23484] by sfalken

Branched Safari-522 from r21983.

21:57 Changeset [23483] by andersca

Another build fix.

  • bindings/qt/qt_instance.cpp: (KJS::Bindings::QtInstance::invokeMethod):
21:52 Changeset [23482] by andersca

Reviewed by Geoff.

Move the notion of field type to the JNI runtime since that's the only
one that was actually using it.

  • bindings/c/c_runtime.h: (KJS::Bindings::CField::CField):
  • bindings/jni/jni_runtime.h:
  • bindings/objc/objc_runtime.h:
  • bindings/objc/objc_runtime.mm:
  • bindings/qt/qt_runtime.h:
  • bindings/runtime.h:
  • bindings/runtime_method.cpp:
21:43 Changeset [23481] by andersca

Build fix.

  • bindings/qt/qt_class.cpp: (KJS::Bindings::QtClass::methodsNamed):
  • bindings/qt/qt_instance.cpp: (KJS::Bindings::QtInstance::invokeMethod):
21:42 Changeset [23480] by staikos

Fix from Lars to remove duplicate symbols.

21:25 Changeset [23479] by andersca

Reviewed by Oliver.

Get rid of the MethodList class and use a good ol' Vector instead.

  • bindings/c/c_class.cpp: (KJS::Bindings::CClass::methodsNamed):
  • bindings/c/c_instance.cpp: (KJS::Bindings::CInstance::invokeMethod):
  • bindings/jni/jni_class.cpp: (JavaClass::JavaClass): (JavaClass::~JavaClass):
  • bindings/jni/jni_instance.cpp: (JavaInstance::invokeMethod):
  • bindings/objc/objc_class.mm: (KJS::Bindings::ObjcClass::methodsNamed):
  • bindings/objc/objc_instance.mm: (ObjcInstance::invokeMethod):
  • bindings/objc/objc_runtime.mm: (ObjcFallbackObjectImp::callAsFunction):
  • bindings/runtime.cpp:
  • bindings/runtime.h:
  • bindings/runtime_method.cpp: (RuntimeMethod::lengthGetter): (RuntimeMethod::callAsFunction):
  • bindings/runtime_object.cpp: (RuntimeObjectImp::getOwnPropertySlot):
21:06 Changeset [23478] by andersca

Reviewed by Geoff.

Make RuntimeMethod's method list a pointer so that the object size doesn't
grow beyond 32 bytes when we later will replace MethodList with a Vector.

  • bindings/runtime_method.cpp: (RuntimeMethod::RuntimeMethod): (RuntimeMethod::lengthGetter): (RuntimeMethod::callAsFunction):
  • bindings/runtime_method.h:
20:57 Changeset [23477] by andersca

Reviewed by Geoff.

Get rid of the Parameter class.

  • bindings/jni/jni_instance.cpp: (JavaInstance::invokeMethod):
  • bindings/jni/jni_runtime.cpp: (JavaMethod::signature):
  • bindings/jni/jni_runtime.h: (KJS::Bindings::JavaParameter::JavaParameter): (KJS::Bindings::JavaParameter::~JavaParameter): (KJS::Bindings::JavaParameter::type): (KJS::Bindings::JavaMethod::parameterAt): (KJS::Bindings::JavaMethod::numParameters):
  • bindings/runtime.h:
20:54 Changeset [23476] by andersca
20:54 Changeset [23475] by andersca

Build fix.

  • bindings/qt/qt_class.h:
20:49 Changeset [23474] by bdash

2007-06-12 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>

Build fix.

  • bindings/objc/objc_runtime.h:
20:43 Changeset [23473] by andersca

Reviewed by Geoff.

Get rid of Constructor and its only subclass JavaConstructor.

  • bindings/c/c_class.h:
  • bindings/jni/jni_class.cpp: (JavaClass::JavaClass): (JavaClass::~JavaClass):
  • bindings/jni/jni_class.h:
  • bindings/jni/jni_runtime.cpp:
  • bindings/jni/jni_runtime.h:
  • bindings/objc/objc_class.h:
  • bindings/runtime.h:
20:24 Changeset [23472] by andersca

Reviewed by Geoff.

Use RetainPtr throughout the bindings code.

  • bindings/objc/objc_class.h:
  • bindings/objc/objc_class.mm: (KJS::Bindings::ObjcClass::ObjcClass): (KJS::Bindings::ObjcClass::methodsNamed): (KJS::Bindings::ObjcClass::fieldNamed):
  • bindings/objc/objc_instance.h: (KJS::Bindings::ObjcInstance::getObject):
  • bindings/objc/objc_instance.mm: (ObjcInstance::ObjcInstance): (ObjcInstance::~ObjcInstance): (ObjcInstance::implementsCall): (ObjcInstance::invokeMethod): (ObjcInstance::invokeDefaultMethod): (ObjcInstance::defaultValue):
  • bindings/objc/objc_runtime.h: (KJS::Bindings::ObjcMethod::setJavaScriptName): (KJS::Bindings::ObjcMethod::javaScriptName): (KJS::Bindings::ObjcArray::getObjcArray):
  • bindings/objc/objc_runtime.mm: (ObjcField::name): (ObjcArray::ObjcArray): (ObjcArray::setValueAt): (ObjcArray::valueAt): (ObjcArray::getLength):
  • wtf/RetainPtr.h:
19:40 Changeset [23471] by weinig

Reviewed by Oliver.

Patch for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14109
Cleanup JSEvent and JSClipboard in preperation for autogeneration

  • bindings/js/kjs_events.cpp: (KJS::DOMEvent::DOMEvent): (KJS::DOMEvent::getValueProperty): (KJS::DOMEvent::put): (KJS::DOMEvent::putValueProperty): (KJS::DOMEventPrototypeFunction::callAsFunction): (KJS::toJS): (KJS::toEvent): (KJS::): (KJS::JSClipboard::JSClipboard): (KJS::JSClipboard::~JSClipboard): (KJS::JSClipboard::getOwnPropertySlot): (KJS::JSClipboard::getValueProperty): (KJS::JSClipboard::put): (KJS::JSClipboard::putValueProperty): (KJS::JSClipboardPrototypeFunction::callAsFunction): (KJS::toClipboard):
  • bindings/js/kjs_events.h: (KJS::DOMEvent::): (KJS::DOMEvent::impl): (KJS::JSClipboard::impl):
  • dom/ClipboardEvent.h:
  • dom/Event.h: (WebCore::Event::srcElement): (WebCore::Event::returnValue): (WebCore::Event::clipboardData): (WebCore::Event::dataTransfer): (WebCore::Event::clipboard):
  • dom/MouseEvent.h:
18:48 Changeset [23470] by andersca

Reviewed by Maciej.

Have JSCell inherit from Noncopyable.

  • bindings/objc/objc_runtime.h:
  • bindings/runtime_object.h:
  • kjs/value.h:
18:22 Changeset [23469] by lars

Fix compilation, and remove dependency on Qt
private header.

17:39 Changeset [23468] by lars

Parts of the patch done by Zack.
Fix up some parts in the implementation of QWebNetworkInterface
so it can be used by plugins.
Change the plugin API so we can actually get all the information
required by the JS bridge from them as well.
Implement the parts required for the JS bridge
to know about the plugins.

17:22 Changeset [23467] by andersca

Reviewed by Darin and Maciej.

More cleanup. Use our Noncopyable WTF class, add a root object member
to the Array class.

  • bindings/c/c_class.h:
  • bindings/jni/jni_class.h:
  • bindings/jni/jni_instance.h:
  • bindings/jni/jni_runtime.cpp: (JavaArray::JavaArray):
  • bindings/jni/jni_runtime.h:
  • bindings/objc/objc_class.h:
  • bindings/objc/objc_runtime.h:
  • bindings/objc/objc_runtime.mm: (ObjcArray::ObjcArray):
  • bindings/objc/objc_utility.mm: (KJS::Bindings::convertObjcValueToValue):
  • bindings/runtime.cpp: (KJS::Bindings::Array::Array): (KJS::Bindings::Array::~Array):
  • bindings/runtime.h:
  • bindings/runtime_object.h:
  • bindings/runtime_root.h:
16:58 Changeset [23466] by aroben


Land CygwinDownloader.

Rubberstamped by Hyatt.

  • CygwinDownloader/cygwin-downloader.py: Added.
  • CygwinDownloader/cygwin-downloader.zip: Added.
  • CygwinDownloader/make-zip.sh: Added.
  • CygwinDownloader/setup.py: Added.


Update the location of cygwin-downloader.zip.

Rubberstamped by Hyatt.

  • building/tools.html:
15:40 Changeset [23465] by hyatt

Fix build bustage.

14:53 Changeset [23464] by aroben

Add Windows checkout/build instructions to website.

14:51 Changeset [23463] by aroben

Update scripts and project paths to make the Windows build work.

14:50 Changeset [23462] by aroben

Merge WindowsMerge to trunk

00:46 Changeset [23461] by aroben

Check in WebKitSystemInterface


15:45 Changeset [22098] by zimmermann

Reviewed by Eric.
Fix regression: SVG images drawn in the wrong paint phase.

13:33 Known incompatibilities between open-source WebKit and Safari edited by pewtermoose@gmail.com
08:37 Changeset [22097] by rwlbuis

Reviewed by weinig.

fill property is reported as type SVGColor

Do the checks in the right order.

06:49 Changeset [22096] by hausmann

Added a QWebPage::open overload to allow specifying the http header and post data.
(it's an overload instead of a merged openUrl to avoid including qhttp.h in qwebpage.h,
which would imply that one has to have QT += network in the .pro file for using WebKitQt)

06:49 Changeset [22095] by hausmann

Added the possibility to intercept url requests through QWebPage::navigationRequested.

06:49 Changeset [22094] by hausmann

Added a QWebNetworkRequest::init overload that takes a WebCore::ResourceRequest,
to be called from FrameLoaderClientQt in the near future.

06:49 Changeset [22093] by hausmann

Moved the postData setup into QWebNetworkRequest::init.

06:49 Changeset [22092] by hausmann

Moved HTTP header field propagation to QWebNetworkRequest::init.

06:48 Changeset [22091] by hausmann

Started moving the code to separate a WebCore::ResourceRequest into a QUrl, postData
and QHttpRequestHeader into a separate little QWebNetworkRequest struct.

00:30 Changeset [22090] by zack

Forgot to export the plugin exporter. Fixing it.


18:02 Changeset [22089] by ggaren

Reviewed by Beth Dakin.

Made confusing work-around to ObjC bindings bug <rdar://problem/5262101>
less confusing.

Fixed test to actually call queueReload.

  • fast/frames/resources/iframe-focus.html:
15:58 Changeset [22088] by bdash

2007-06-10 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>

Reviewed by Maciej.

Disable whole-view editing for the Gdk port in order to improve the browsing experience.

  • platform/gdk/EditorClientGdk.cpp: (WebCore::EditorClientGdk::isEditable): Return false to disable whole-view editing
15:18 Changeset [22087] by bdakin

Reviewed by Adele.

Fix for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13933 REGRESSION:
fast/history/clicked-link-is-visited is failing

  • fast/frames/resources/iframe-focus.html: Cause the page to reload with layoutTestController.queueReload instead of using JavaScript to reload. Using JS seems to get DRT's history all messed up (off by one?!).
13:50 Changeset [22086] by sfalken

New tag.

12:41 Changeset [22085] by ggaren

Reviewed by Beth Dakin.

Cleaned up formatting on the check out page.

  • building/checkout.html:
00:14 Changeset [22084] by hyatt

Fix for bug 14037, make sure respondsToSelector does the write thing
when invoked on a WebKit plugin's container view.

Reviewed by Mark Rowe

  • Plugins/WebKitPluginContainerView.mm: (-[WebKitPluginContainerView respondsToSelector:]):


23:24 Changeset [23460] by sfalken

Reviewed by Adam.

Workaround: <rdar://problem/5213266> schwab.com menu is ridiculously big.

  • WebView.cpp: (WebView::userAgentForKURL): Add schwab to spoof list to fix gigantic menus.
15:14 Changeset [22083] by sfalken

New tag.

15:12 Changeset [22082] by sfalken

Remove unnecessary tag.

14:56 Changeset [22081] by sfalken

New tag.

12:48 Changeset [23459] by weinig

Build fix.

  • WebCore.vcproj/WebCore.vcproj:
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