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    3838''At the moment only the GTK port is using this build system''
    40 * You only need to add the feature define to Source/WebCore/ In most cases the feature define specified there will, at the time of adding, default to 0. The feature define values used in this file indicate the status of feature support by the GTK port in release versions, so please leave decision of changing these values to the GTK port maintainers (or at least consult them on any changes you'd like to make).
    41 * You're welcome to enable the feature define for the GTK port in Tools/Scripts/webkitperl/ if the feature does not rely on any port-specific implementations (or if you're not willing to implement them) and would like to have the GTK port run feature's layout tests for you. The feature define values specified in this file override those in Source/WebCore/ when using build-webkit (i.e. when using development build, for instance on BuildBot builders).
    42 * Adding new features usually included changes to where the developer was expected to add a new configuration option for the feature. This is not the case anymore. A configuration option should only be added if the feature implementation for the GTK port introduces a dependency (for instance video support relies on GStreamer, hence there's a configuration option available).
     40There are two files that control features for GTK+:
     42* Source/autotools/SetupWebKitFeatures.m4: This file controls the features enabled for WebKitGTK+ release builds -- the equivalent of production builds. In general, new and unstable features should be disabled here.
     43* Tools/Scripts/webkitperl/ This file controls the features enabled for WebKitGTK+ development builds. We like to enable things early here to get test coverage as soon as possible.