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Figured it was worth documenting how to add a feature


The policy for adding new (major) features to WebKit is:

  • Send an email to webkit-dev describing the feature and linking to the tracking bug
  • If necessary, add an ENABLE flag for the feature.

How to add an ENABLE flag

By adding a build definition for ENABLE_FEATURE it allows code/preprocessor to test using ENABLE(FEATURE). You'll need to edit at least the following files:

  • Source/JavaScriptCore/Configurations/FeatureDefines.xcconfig
  • Source/WebCore/Configurations/FeatureDefines.xcconfig
  • Source/WebKit/mac/Configurations/FeatureDefines.xcconfig
  • Source/WebKit2/Configurations/FeatureDefines.xcconfig
  • Tools/Scripts/build-webkit
  • WebKitLibraries/win/tools/vsprops/FeatureDefines.vsprops
  • WebKitLibraries/win/tools/vsprops/FeatureDefinesCairo.vsprops

Note that's only permitting the feature. To actually turn it on you'll need to edit the build configurations for each port. (TODO: page describing where each configuration is?)