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    1919== Visual Studio (Windows)
    21 TODO
     21Visual Studio-based builds use XML files named after the respective WebKit components. One file (e.g., `Source/WebCore/WebCore.vcxproj.filters`) describes the tree structure of the project that should be displayed in Visual Studio. The other file (e.g., `Source/WebCore/WebCOre.vcxproj`) contains the actual build rules and dependencies.
    23 == CMake (GTK, EFL)
     23=== Adding a directory
     25* Make a stub in `Project.vcxproj.filters` at the top.
     28=== Adding a file
     30 * Add a `CLInclude` command for a header file and `CLCompile` command for an implementation file.
     31 * It's recommended that you consult a build expert for anything more complicated, such as adding a new code generator (especially if you can't run Visual Studio yourself).
     33== CMake (EFL)
    2535Find the relevant `CMakeLists.txt` file in the project directory (WebCore, WebKit2, DumpRenderTree, etc). Then, add entries to various lists in the files depending on what is being added.
    4151You'll need to add a custom command, and append the generated files to `Project_SOURCES` or some other list. This adds the generated file as a build dependency, and the custom rule tells CMake how to derive the generated files. See existing files for examples.
     54== GMake (GTK)
     56Build rules and paths are in a per-project `` file. Lists of files to build go in a per-project ``.
     58=== Adding a directory
     60 * If the directory contains headers, add it to `project_cppflags`.
     61 * (WebCore only) If the directory contains IDL flies, add it to `IDL_PATH` and `EXTRA_DIST`.
     63=== Adding a file
     65 * If it's a new Inspector domain, add it to `project_INSPECTOR_DOMAINS` in ``.
     66 * Otherwise, add it to the correct section in ``. This includes generated sources (inside `DerivedSources/`).
    4369= Tips
     71 TODO - feel free to add your hard-won lessons here.