wiki:April 2010 Meeting

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This is an unofficial page for the April 12-13 meeting announced here:

Proposed Talks / Discussions (host) [would attend!]

  • Using webkit-patch for fun and profit (eseidel, abarth)
  • I didn't know the Web Inspector could do that! (JoePeck)
  • How the commit-queue saved my life, and other stories. (eseidel)
  • WebKit2, Electric Boogaloo! (weinig, andersca) [othermaciej]
  • The messiah cometh: how new-run-webkit-tests will save us all! (ojan, eseidel, abarth) [othermaciej]
  • Do we need a better code review tool? (abarth) [eseidel]
  • JavaScript engine performance optimization. (ggaren?) [othermaciej]
  • Loader code: can we make it hurt our eyes less? (othermaciej, abarth?)
  • gyp - maybe we can get more ports to use it (??) [eseidel, othermaciej]
  • HTML5 new elements and input types [othermaciej]
  • CSS Animations, Transitions & Transforms: how they work (smfr?, cmarrin?) [othermaciej]
  • What's new with WebGL?
  • Hardware accelerated drawing [othermaciej]
  • The new V8 autogen testing and how we can use it for other ports! (yaar?, natechapin?) [eseidel]
  • Features for mobile devices - should we get them into standards? - viewport meta, touch events, etc (manyoso) [othermaciej]
  • Device element / Stream API / device access
  • The future of porting macros (othermaciej)

Proposed Hackathons (host) [would attend!]

  • Adding new-run-webkit-tests support for your platform. (eseidel)
  • Unforking our URL code (othermaciej)
  • Get the Windows Bots green! (aroben?, bweinstein?) [eseidel]
  • Get the Qt Bot green! (Ossy?)
  • Fixing issues that stop people from using webkit-patch (eseidel, abarth, cjerdonek)
  • WebKit2 for your platform (weinig, andersca)


(alphabetical by last name)

  • Adam Barth (abarth)
  • Daniel Bates (dydx)
  • Alejandro Garcia Castro
  • Kenneth Rohde Christiansen
  • Darin Fisher (fishd)
  • Laszlo Gombos
  • Kim Grönholm
  • Chris Jerdonek (cjerdonek)
  • Geoff Levand
  • David Levin
  • Xan Lopez
  • Benjamin C. Meyer
  • Philippe Normand
  • Julie Parent (jparent)
  • Jakob Petsovits
  • Anthony Ricaud
  • Jason Rukman
  • Eric Seidel (eseidel)
  • Chang Shu
  • Adam Treat
  • Eric Uhrhane
  • Fumitoshi Ukai
  • Tor Arne Vestbø
  • Ojan Vafai (ojan)
  • Sam Weinig (weinig)