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  • April 2011 Meeting Hardware Acceleration Track

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     1- Accelerated Compositing
     2- 3D Canvas
     3Solutions are currently pretty separate
     5- Accelerated 2D canvas
     6Google's solution upstreamed (Skia/NC), still profiling
     7Currently hybrid mode, would work better in full HW mode - not with read-backs.
     8should canvas-2d have a "no-readback" mode or other rendering hints?
     9Not turned on by default - correctness issues
     11- How does this jive with WebKit2/multi-process
     12Chromium - a 3rd GPU process that handles all the OpenGL commands and embeds a window into the front process
     13Qt - marshal the graphics-layer commands; RIM does something similar
     14Apple - CA on Mac, shared-textures on Windows (not complete yet)
     16- Differences between ports
     19- GPU for regular rendering (?)
     21- SVG acceleration
     22Context switching
     23relies on GPU for regular rendering?
     25- 3D CSS without acceleration
     26Makes some sense; not a huge traction.
     28- what's composited
     29fixed position?
     30should everything be render-layers?
     33- is something in the acceleration/animation API layer missing
     34animation scrubbing - mostly for authoring tools
     35interesting area: requestAnimationFrame
     37- transitions/animation CSS
     38last addition was fill-mode
     40- let the web developers decide?
     41Makes sense on some level since developers do translateZ(0) and other tricks anyway.
     42In Qt we sometimes interpret accelerated-compositing as pure software, in memory constrained environments.