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Adding myself to line-layout talk.

This is an unofficial page for the 2011 WebKit Contributors Meeting held from April 25th through April 26th.

Proposed Talks / Discussions (host) [would attend!]

  • Redesign of Position-related classes (rniwa) [leviw]
  • RenderObject guard (rniwa) [dglazkov]
  • Unifying the build system (abarth) [ddkilzer]
  • Common thread (communication) patterns in WebKit (levin) []
  • Shadow DOM and the component model (dglazkov and friends) [rniwa, leviw]
  • Switching layout offsets to floats from ints (leviw) [dglazkov]
  • WebKit2 - One year later (weinig) [kling]
  • Getting compile time under control (weinig) [levin]
  • Advanced tool usage (webkit-patch, commit-queue, ews-bots, sheriff-bot, re-baseline tool, new-run-webkit-test, reviewtool, etc.) (eseidel) []
  • Understanding line-layout (bidi, line-box tree, etc.) (eseidel) [rniwa]

Proposed Hackathons (host) [would attend!]

  • EventHandler cleanup (rniwa) [dglazkov, weinig]
  • Component model API brainstorming (dglazkov) [weinig]
  • Review-a-thon! Get as many patches out of as possible (eseidel) []
  • Hacking webkitpy for fun and profit. Tour all the tool code? Write our own sheriff-bot command? (eseidel) []

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