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This is an unofficial page for the 2011 WebKit Contributors Meeting held from April 25th through April 26th.

Please add your suggested talks to the list below. We'll lay out the schedule for the conference on Monday.

Proposed Talks / Discussions (host) [would attend!]

  • Redesign of Position-related classes (rniwa) [leviw, enrica, eae]
  • Add a way to detect a RenderObject destroyed unsafely (aka add RenderObject guard) (rniwa) [dglazkov, eseidel, inferno-sec]
  • Unifying the build system (abarth) [ddkilzer, dpranke, ojan, torarne, estes, eseidel, demarchi, jturcotte, aroben, lgombos]
  • Common thread (communication) patterns in WebKit (levin) [mjs, dimich, aroben, lgombos]
  • Shadow DOM and the component model (dglazkov and friends) [rniwa, leviw, mjs, enrica, dbates, dpranke, sjl, yael, jparent, eseidel, inferno-sec, kenneth]
  • Switching layout offsets to floats from ints (leviw) [dglazkov, ojan, eseidel, inferno-sec, eae]
  • WebKit2 - One year later (weinig) [kling, mms, enrica, yael, noamr, torarne, estes, alexg, demarchi, jturcotte, philn, aroben, lgombos, kenneth]
  • Getting compile time under control (weinig) [levin, mjs, dpranke, ojan, sjl, kling, torarne, estes, alexg, dimich, eseidel, aroben, lgombos, more...]
  • Advanced tool usage (webkit-patch, commit-queue, ews-bots, sheriff-bot, re-baseline tool, new-run-webkit-test, reviewtool, etc.) (eseidel) [mjs, dpranke, ojan, sjl, yael, estes, alexg, jparent, philn, aroben, inferno-sec, lgombos]
  • Understanding line-layout (bidi, line-box tree, etc.) (eseidel) [rniwa, dbates, morrita, ojan, yael, alexg, jparent, dimich, demarchi, inferno-sec, eae]
  • Removing or rejecting features - is there a way for the WebKit project to say no to things? (mjs) [weinig, abarth, levin, morrita, dpranke, ojan, sjl, noamr, kling, torarne, dimich, lgombos]
  • Improving the verbosity of the editing markup (enrica) [rniwa]
  • Hardware acceleration roundup, what do we share? what can we share? (noamr) [sjl, torarne, alexg, jturcotte, aroben, lgombos, smfr]
  • XML Processor Profiles (W3C LC Draft) and WebKit (alex milowski) []
  • MathML update (alex milowski) []
  • HTML5 parser (eseidel, abarth) [mjs, estes, demarchi, inferno-sec]
  • Advanced text layout (vertical text, ruby, etc) () [mjs, eseidel]
  • Strategies for decreasing the number/frequency/duration of test failures (aroben) [lgombos, eseidel, levin]
  • Media elements using the WebKit loader (scherkus) []
  • Media element pseudo classes (eric) []
  • Sharing LayoutTestController code () []
  • New CSS positioning modes, eg. flex, grid () []
  • Getting layout test times under control, getting new-run-webkit-tests working for everyone? (geoffrey garen) []
  • Update on new-run-webkit-tests () []
  • Reducing checkout/update times, reducing layout test result churn () []
  • Coming together on threading patterns for speed optimizations (ap?) []
  • Updates on the grand loader fix, including plugins () []
  • Sharing more code between WebKit1 and WebKit2 () []
  • Overview of adding a new Element subclass () []
  • LayoutTestAnalyzer, what is it? () []
  • Adding multi-threaded code to WebKit, strategies (jchaffraix)
  • Getting more ports to enable pixel tests on bots, and making them less brittle () []
  • Gardening and keeping the bots green () []

Proposed Hackathons (host) [would attend!]

  • EventHandler cleanup (rniwa) [dglazkov, weinig, ojan, sjl, yael, demarchi, kenneth]
  • Component model API brainstorming (dglazkov) [weinig, lgombos, kenneth]
  • Review-a-thon! Get as many patches out of as possible (eseidel) [mjs, abarth, levin, ojan, weinig, kling, aroben]
  • Hacking webkitpy/bugzilla for fun and profit. Tour all the tool code? Write our own sheriff-bot command? (eseidel) [levin, ojan, jparent, abarth, philn, aroben]
  • Hacking check-webkit-style so you never have to flag the issue in a review again. (levin)
  • KURL unforking revisited (mjs) [abarth, weinig]
  • Fuzz-a-thon - run fuzzers, find bugs, fix them () [mjs, inferno-sec]
  • Finish bust'n up the Frame class cluster, and other big classes () []
  • Flip on strict mode for smart pointers () []
  • Splitting JSC into its own library for GTK () []
  • Moving another port to GYP () []
  • Converting more rendertree/manual tests to dumpAsText/dumpAsMarkup () []
  • Splitting WTF out of JavaScriptCore () []

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