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Proposed Talks / Discussions (host) [would attend!]

  • Writing your own RenderObject (eric) [dbarton, rniwa, leviw, eae]
  • 2-Minute Overview of Each Component []
  • Perf-o-matic and performance tests (rniwa) [tomz]
  • Reducing our number of "supported" build systems from 7 to fewer-than-7 (eric) []
  • Introduction to new CSS layout modes (maybe ojan/tonywork/TabAtkins/mihnea ?) [rniwa]
  • Better documenting status of new features [rniwa]
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Proposed Hackathons (host) [would attend!]

  • Add performance tests () []
  • Import/sync with w3c test suites (jacobg) []
  • Reviewathon 2012! (eric?) []
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