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(Moderator: jchaffraix, Scribe: dpranke)

(Notes in progress)

How can we get more people hacking on rendering?

  • accelerated compositing is tied to a layer (a very old concept)
    • can we make layers better or faster?
  • can we talk about security and the impact of specific design decisions in the render tree (inferno, bethdakin?)
  • jchaffraix: from study tables, thinks layers are the wrong abstraction
    • as a general rule, the render object knows what its own structure should be
      • because layers are generic, they don't know and have to do more work
      • they do too much
        • repainting
        • clipping
        • compositing
        • stacking
        • scrolling
  • eseidel: layers are designed to allow the rendering tree to be lightweight
    • layers exist to handle the more "advanced" features of rendering
    • smfr: layers designed to solve problems like scrolling and clipping that affect a set of render objects in one go