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WebKit BuildBot

The WebKit BuildBot is a system to help automate the compile/test cycle. After every commit to WebKit's Subversion repository it will schedule compilation and tests on a variety of different computers, known as build slaves.

Running a Build Slave

Each build slave needs a unique username and password to be able to take part in the compile/test cycle. Please email webkit-dev if you would like to contribute a build slave.

Please ensure that you are familiar with building WebKit from source so that problems getting the slave up and running can be easily troubleshooted. The machine will need to have:

General requirements

  1. Subversion installed and accessible on the PATH.
  2. Set the computer to not go to sleep (under Energy Saver in System Preferences)
  3. Install BuildBot
    1. In a shell, sudo easy_install buildbot-slave

Mac requirements

  1. Everything in

Win requirements

  1. Everything in
    1. For the cygwin install, the actual minimal requirements are: apache, bc, bison, curl, diffutils, flex, gcc, gperf, make, patch, perl, python, readline, ruby, subversion, unzip, zip.
    2. From the instructions, save the file in a directory (e.g. c:\deps) and set WEBKITSUPPORTLIBRARIESZIPDIR=c:\deps
  2. Safari 4 and QuickTime
  3. Java
  4. Set the following registry key:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AeDebug]

GTK requirements

  1. See BuildingGtk
  2. Probably need to sudo apt-get install geoclue libsoup. (To be verified and moved to BuildingGtk).

QT requirements

  1. See QtWebKit

Chromium Requirements

  1. See Chromium

Configuring a Build Slave

  1. Open a shell inside a directory suitable to keep the build slaves copy of the WebKit repository.
  2. Run buildslave create-slave WebKit-BuildSlave [username] [password]
  3. Change to the WebKit-BuildSlave directory
  4. Edit info/admin and info/host to contain basic contact information and information about the build slave.
  5. Run buildslave start to start the build slave.


On Windows, if you get perl (...) fatal error - unable to remap (...) to same address as parent, you need to run

/bin/rebaseall -b 0x50000000 -o 0x80000

or rebase individual files.

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