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    6767 * Look into supporting the canvas
    6868 * Attempt to merge the Cairo code in the Win32 port -- the equivalent code is copy-and-pasted into the "Gdk" port in some places. This will help reduce code duplication but also help towards getting WebKit/Gdk/Gtk+ working on Windows
    69  * Rename Cairo context local variable name to "cr" for consistency and to avoid conflict with GraphicsContext
     71== Issues known by zecke  ==
     73=== CURL ===
     74 * The non zero select timeout feels bad. Make it possible to write a GSourceFunc to not poll the sockets and have a timeout...
     75 * Cookie handling is completyl lacking as pointed out on the mailinglist
     76 * headerCallback needs to be landed/fixed
     77 * Errors of curl need to be properly populated
     79=== Gtk ===
     80 * A lot of classes are not yet implemented
     81 * Frame's are not supported. This needs special handling and adding an API
     82 * We don't have pkg-config files
     83 * We probably relayout way too often leading to weird issues as seen on
     84 * For painting we have some issues in regard to Expose Events and when WebKit will call paint.
     86=== Theming ===
     87 * State of the Widgets is not taken into account
     88 * Scrollbars for PlatformScrollbar will be terrible as we need to implement a HitTest but don't know where the elements of the scrollbar hide