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    33= Building on Windows =
    5 There is a decent amount of setup work before building of JavaScriptCore and WebCore on Windows. There are also some areas of the code which are not entirely fleshed out yet on Win32. This page serves to document those issues.
    7 == Build Environment Setup ==
    9  * Install a compiler:
    10    * Visual Studio 2005, if you have MSDN subscription or have purchased it.
    11    * or [ Visual C++ Express Edition] (free of charge).  See the [ MSDN documentation] for information on building Win32 C++ applications using Visual C++ Express Edition.
    13  * Download and install [ cygwin]. On the package selection screen, make sure to select the following packages! (They are not part of the default install):
    14 {{{
    15  bison         (Devel)
    16  curl          (Net)
    17  flex          (Devel)
    18  gcc           (Devel, we only use cpp)
    19  gperf         (Devel))
    20  make          (Devel)
    21  patch         (Utils)
    22  perl          (Perl)
    23  perl-libwin32 (Perl)
    24  pkg-config    (Devel)
    25  subversion    (Devel)
    26  unzip         (Archive)
    27 }}}
    28  The ''default text file type'' must be set to ''DOS / text'' during installation.
    29  * [ Check out WebKit] in the usual way. Make sure that the path to the checkout directory does not contain spaces (e.g. 'Documents and Settings'), the Perl build scripts cannot handle this.
    30  * Install other dependencies needed by WebKit.  There are two ways to do this:
    31    * Run `WebKitTools/Scripts/install-win-extras`.  This will attempt to install the dependencies automatically. It will also configure the `PATH` and `WebKitOutputDir` environment variables. You may wish to change `WebKitOutputDir` from the default of `C:\WebKitBuild`.
    32    * Add the WebKitSDKDir to your environment variables and point it to your WebKit root. (This is the topmost folder: it has WebKit, WebCore, subfolders etc. in it.)
    33    * Install the dependencies yourself.  You will need the following packages.  For each package, unzip, then move the resulting directory to a directory with the name given below (e.g. `iconv` for the iconv package) in the root of your WebKit checkout, except as directed.
    34      * iconv ( )
    35      * icu ( )
    36      * libxml ( )
    37      * libxslt ( )
    38      * pthreads ( ).  Unzip (this is a `.zip` with an `.exe` wrapper) and move the resulting `Pre-built.2` directory to the target `pthreads` directory. You might have to build pthreads. It has a VC 6 workspace that can be imported into VS 2005. Also, at his point you will have to copy the pthreads folder to your $(WebKitSDKDir)\inlcude folder.
    39      * sqlite ( ).  Unzip and move the resulting files to the target `sqlite` directory.
    40      * zlib ( )
    41  * Configure your environment variables.  If you ran `install-win-extras`, this is already done.  Otherwise, consider setting the following environment variables:
    42    * `WebKitOutputDir` to `c:\WebKitBuild` (this is an optional location.)
    43    * `Path` to include `WebKitTools/Scripts`, `c:\Program Files\Resource Kit`, and `c:\cygwin\bin`
    44  * Optional: if you would like an IRC client for Windows, try [ mIRC], [ X-Chat], or [ Trillian]. If you want a non-IE browser, try [ Firefox] or [ Opera].
    47 == Building ==
    49 === From within Visual Studio ===
    51 To build from within Visual Studio, open up `WebKitTools/Spinneret/Spinneret.sln` in Visual Studio.  There are two configurations, Debug and Release; building one will not clobber the other.  The solution will build JavaScriptCore and WebCore as dependencies, and finally the Spinneret test app.
    53 === From the command line ===
    55 To build from the command line, you use the following syntax:
    56 {{{
    57 WebKitTools/Scripts/build-webkit
    58 }}}
    60 This will build both JavaScriptCore and WebCore in Release mode.
     5Follow the instructions on to install the necessary developer tools, support libraries, and check out the WebKit code.
    627== Common Build Errors ==