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Building on Windows

There is a decent amount of setup work before building of JavaScriptCore and WebCore on Windows. There are also some areas of the code which are not entirely fleshed out yet on Win32. This page serves to document those issues.

Build Environment Setup

  • Install a compiler:


From within Visual Studio

To build from within Visual Studio, open up WebKitTools/Spinneret/Spinneret.sln in Visual Studio. There are two configurations, Debug and Release; building one will not clobber the other. The solution will build JavaScriptCore and WebCore as dependencies, and finally the Spinneret test app.

From the command line

To build from the command line, you use the following syntax:


This will build both JavaScriptCore and WebCore in Release mode.

Common Build Errors

Error spawning cmd.exe

Sometimes, Visual Studio complains that it 'cannot spawn cmd.exe'. Should this happen, check if both your Cygwin\bin folder and c:\windows\sytem32 are both in the Visual Studio list of executable files (Tools -> Options -> VC++ Directories).

Bad line endings

When you see errors in WebCore/css/makeprops or WebCore/css/maketokenizer, open those files in a suitable editor (SciTE works) and convert the line endings to LF only (Unix-style). Then restart the build.

Visual C++ Express Edition

1>c:\cygwin\home\admin\webkit\javascriptcore\wtf\assertions.cpp(45) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'windows.h': No such file or directory

If you see errors like this you probably need to install the platform SDK.

Areas needing improvement

TODO: fill me in?

  • Describe DLL registration step