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Update instructions to match latest changes to Qt5


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    4747Inside Scratchbox in the {{{qt5}}} directory:
    4848   ||{{{export -n QTDIR}}}||To unset QTDIR. Or make sure that QTDIR points to your qt5/qtbase directory.||
    49    ||{{{sed -i 's/CFG_V8SNAPSHOT=auto/CFG_V8SNAPSHOT=no/' qtbase/configure}}}||Works around {{{make: *** [generated-debug/snapshot.cpp] Error 126}}} caused by a crash of qemu in scratchbox. There is no configure option as this should not be needed. Let's see if we need one or if we start building outside of scratchbox with a sysroot instead.||
    50    ||{{{sed -i 's/linux-g++-maemo://' qtbase/src/plugins/platforms/xcb/ qtbase/src/plugins/platforminputcontexts/}}}||{{{-xplatform linux-g++-maemo}}} was used before to get the Harmattan-specific XInput2 touch and Maliit (virtual keyboard) support. But now xplatform doesn't work anymore since qtbase breaks the old 3.5 host compiler in scratchbox, so we have to enable it by hand. We should have some kind of auto-detection but we have to try cross-compiling + sysrooting properly before and find a mechanism that fits properly with this mode once we have something stable.||
    51    ||{{{./configure -nokia-developer -fast -force-pkg-config -nomake tests -nomake examples}}}||||
     49   ||{{{./configure -developer-build -opensource -confirm-license -fast -force-pkg-config -nomake tests -nomake examples -nomake demos -platform linux-g++-maemo }}}||||
    5250   ||{{{make}}}||From the toplevel qt5 directory to build all modules in one shot.||
    5351   ||{{{export PATH=$PWD/qtbase/bin:$PATH}}}||Ensure your PATH is up-to-date to use the qt5 qmake instead of the default one.||