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Moving the openssl note to the top with other dependencies.


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    66 * First of all you need a version of Qt for Windows. If you are an Open Source developer then you can download the Open Source Edition of Qt for Windows from the Nokia Website: []
    77   * Note that you need to enable ICU support in the Qt build (also see
     8   * Make sure that Qt is configured with {{{-openssl}}} if you want HTTPS support in QtWebKit. You will need the non-light version of [ Win32 OpenSSL] libraries.
    89 * Install [ ActiveState Perl]
    910 * Install [ Python 2.x] (and add the installation location to your PATH)
    4849set CL= /MP
    50  * If you can't access HTTPS pages and you compiled Qt from sources, make sure that you configured it with OpenSSL support. You will need the non-light version of [ Win32 OpenSSL] libraries.
    5151 * If you haven't set up your PATH already to include the GnuWin32 packages then you may want to execute the following command: {{{set PATH=C:\GnuWin32\bin;C:\Perl\bin;%PATH%}}} Provided that the GnuWin32 packages are installed in {{{C:\GnuWin32\bin}}} and Perl in {{{C:\Perl\bin}}}.
    5252 * If you get build errors in JavaScriptCore\bindings\NP_jsobject.cpp or similar then please make sure that the Microsoft Platform SDK is '''NOT''' in your %INCLUDE% path because it conflicts with your MingW headers.