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start to put some useful stack traces

Code Paths for Common Operations

Constructing HTML Document

  FrameLoader::begin(const KURL&, bool dispatch, SecurityOrigin*)

Tokenizing HTML Document

From the moment, piece by piece of an HTML document is obtained from the network, this is what happens:

  HTMLTokenizer::write(const SegmentedString& str, bool appendData)
  FrameLoader::write(const char* data, int len, bool flush)
  FrameLoader::addData(const char* bytes, int length)
  FrameLoaderClientQt::committedLoad(DocumentLoader* loader, const char* data, int length)
  FrameLoader::committedLoad(DocumentLoader* loader, const char* data, int length)
  DocumentLoader::commitLoad(const char* data, int length)
  DocumentLoader::receivedData(const char* data, int length)
  FrameLoader::receivedData(const char* data, int length)
  MainResourceLoader::addData(const char* data, int length, bool allAtOnce)
  ResourceLoader::didReceivedData(const char* data, int length, long long received, bool allAtOnce)
  ResourceLoader::didReceiveData(ResourceHandle*, const char* data, int len, long long received)