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    55 * Make your patch as small as possible. '''Really, seriously, go out of your way to make sure you've broken down your patch into the smallest self-contained chunks possible.'''
    66 * Only do/fix one thing per patch. Don't change a behavior and then add a fix for an incidental thing that you noticed while doing the original change. It should be two patches.
     7 * Only do one patch per bug. Multiple iterations of the same patch is fine but use a new bug for a new patch. Otherwise, it gets confusing to read through all of the comments and understand which ones apply to each patch.
    78 * Do style cleanup or other significant refactoring in a separate patch, preferably as a precursor to the patch you want to land. Especially end of line whitespace cleanup as this just adds a lot of visual noise to the review.
    89 * Add short per function comments in the change log (see any of Darin Adler's changes for a good example). These help reviewers quickly understand why you are doing a change in that function.