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Some answers to common commit-queue questions.

Q: What do the commit-queue states mean?

  • commit-queue=+ Patch is 100% ready for commit, queue should land it. (Moral equivalent of committing yourself.)
  • commit-queue=- Patch needs manual landing (set this when you don't want any chance of auto-commit)
  • commit-queue=? Set by non-committers to ask someone to approve their patch for auto-commit.

Q: Who can set commit-queue+ or review+?

bugzilla-tool validates that the flag setters are committers/reviewers using:

Q: How long until a patch lands after I set commit-queue+?

Generally about 15 minutes. Depends on if commit-queue is running or not.

Q: What checks does commit-queue do before landing?

Everything "bugzilla-tool land-patches" does. Which is build (on Mac) and then run-webkit-tests. If you would like it to do more, please file bugs and post patches to bugzilla-tool! :)

Q: When I review a patch, should I set commit-queue+?

Yes. Unless the patch-poster is a committer or you want to commit it yourself.

Q: When I don't want my patch to be auto-landed, what should I do?

You don't need to do anything. Only commit-queue+ patches are auto-landed. Setting commit-queue- will make extra-sure.

Q: If I want my patch landed, and I'm not a committer, what do I do?

Set "commit-queue=?". A committer can set it to commit-queue+

Q: What does cq+ mean?

Some of us have been shortening commit-queue to "cq" when typing, so cq+ is "commit-queue=+". Similar to how r+ is "review=+".