wiki:Common pixel differences between ports

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This page documents some of the common differences in pixel results for a given port.

Chromium Leopard vs Chromium Snow Leopard

  • Scrollbar painting
  • Text antialiasing

Chromium Snow Leopard vs. Chromium Lion

  • Scrollbar painting
  • Scrollbar thickness (auto scrollbars are 0px thick instead of 15px)
  • Text antialiasing
  • Checked input boxes are blue instead of grey
  • Input type=range knobs render differently
  • Some pngs render a slightly different color (e.g. the blue in css2.1/20110323/absolute-replaced-width-057.htm is a little darker on Lion). Lion results better matche Chromium's Win/Linux and Apple's Mac results.
  • the red curly underlines in snow leopard, are red dots in lion
  • Focus outlines render slightly differently
  • Text selection color is slightly different
  • Buttons are rectangular with rounded corners instead of half-circle ends