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DOM Bindings, Event Loop & More

by Ryosuke Niwa

  • C++ and JS Objects
    • C++ objects define behavior
    • JS wrappers expose them to JavaScript
    • Injected scripts have their own DOM wrapper “world”
  • Converting Objects
    • toJS(node) to get a JS wrapper
    • toWrapped(node) / jsNode.wrapped() to get C++ object
    • Cache main world’s wrapper via ScriptWrappable
  • When should we use it?
    • Use it when performance matters
    • Cost is one extra object; memory concern
    • Wrapped object is always fast
  • Lifecycle of DOM Objects
    • JS wrapper keeps C++ object alive
      • Ref<> in JSDOMWrapper
    • Two ways to keep JS wrappers alive
      • Visit children
      • Reachable from Opaque Roots
    • Visit children? Implement visitChildren function and do something?
      • Yes
      • Inspector GC heap, you can look at it in Web Inspector
  • Common misconception
    • C++ objects do NOT keep their JS wrappers alive by default

class Some : RefCounted<Some> {

… Ref<Other> m_other; <<— JS other will still go away

} class Other : RefCounted<Other> { }

  • Lifecycle: Visit Children
    • JSCustomMarkFunction in IDL
    • Add JS*::visitAdditionalChildren in JS*Custom.cpp
    • Visit JS object kept by WebCore
  • Lifecycle: Opaque Roots
    • GeneratelsReachable=Impl* or CustomlsReachable in IDL
    • addOpaqueRoot in visitAdditionalChildren
    • JS*::isReachableFromOpaqueRoots
  • Lifecycle: Concurrency
    • Visiting & opaque root checks happen in non-main threads
    • Can’t make createWeakPtr or ref / deref RefCounted objects
    • Cant lookup HashMap
    • What ones run with the main thread stopped vs what runs when main thread is not stopped?
      • VisitChildren runs when the main thread is running, runs on background threads when the main thread is not running
      • IsOpaqueRoots stops the main thread and runs on background threads
  • Lifecycle: Common Cases
    • Keeping JS object alive → Visit Children
      • Store JSC::Weak<JSC::JSObject>
      • ActiveDOMCallback for callbacks
    • C++ object relationship → Opaque Roots
      • Agree on opaque root; typically root Node
      • Write thread safe code to get opaque root
  • Lifecycle: NodeLists
    • Diagram
  • Lifecycle: DOM Nodes
    • Node is alive if it has refCount > 0 or has parent node
    • Node increments Document’s m_referencingNodeCount
    • Document is alive if refCount > 0 or m_referencingNodeCount > 0
    • Node::removedLastRef on Element
    • ContainerNode::removeDetachedChildren in ~ContainerNode
    • Turn into flat linked list in deletion queue
    • Document::removedLastRef() must clear any Ref / RefPtr to Node
    • Not safe to traverse DOM tree during destruction
  • Node Insertion & Removal
    • Node::insertedIntoAncestor / removedFromAncestor
      • Called whenever node’s ancestor changes
      • Either “this” or its ancestor got inserted or removed
      • Don’t assume tree scope or document change
    • No script execution in insertedIntoAncestor or removedFromAncestor
      • Will hit release assertion
      • Use didFinishInsertingNode instead
  • Node Insertion Order
    • insertedIntoAncestor called in tree order
    • Only talk to nodes earlier in tree order
  • Node Removal Order
    • removedFromAncestor called in tree order
    • Only talk to nodes earlier in tree order
      • Run layout tests with --world-leaks
  • Lifecycle: Delayed Use
    • Asynchronous use of “this” - XHR, media, …
      • Make “this” ActiveDOMObject
    • Asynchronous use of Node - MutationObserver, ResizeObserver, …
      • GCReachableRef ← This is a leak!
  • Lifecycle: ActiveDOMObject
    • Async work → dispatchEvent on this
    • Reachable if hasPendingActivity is true
    • Suspendable for back-forward cache
  • HTML5 Event Loop
    • WindowEventLoop has been added
    • WorkerEventLoop is coming
    • WindowEventLoop is shared across documents of similar origins
  • Event Loop: In New Code
    • Do NOT USE
      • Timer / SuspendableTimer
      • GenericEventQueue / GenericTaskQueue

(rniwa is a genius. officially.)

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