wiki:Disk Cache

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Cache is stored in "~/.kde/cache-katherline/http/[0-9a-z]/"

The top level directories are the first letter in the host and is historical when processing a lot of files in one dir was harder.

Each file is stored by itself. So the file goes in: r/www.reddit.com_static_aupmod.png_2cd5ba49 Each file: "host"_"file"_"fullUrlHash"

Each file contains the following (minus the text before each : so the first line is just '7')

Version: 7
Creation date: 1213180806
Expire date: 1213765446
ETag: 1207334405.0-334
Last Modified: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 18:40:05 GMT
File: <all contents>

In KDE 4 the file is gzip'd for 90% savings Also r/www.reddit.com_static_aupmod.png_2cd5ba49_freq contains the number of times the url has been requested in a fashion that is not lock safe a has a bunch of problems. Not something I would recomend copying

A seperate application goes through cleaning the cache.

A very simple system.