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Please check the status of the EFL Buildbots here.

The WK1 64bit Linux Release buildbot as well as the Wk2 release buildbot are maintained by gyuyoung.

For issues with the buildbots, please contact the administrators on #webkit IRC or via email, see below.

Gardening Schedule (EEST working hours)

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
cdumez, gyuyoung ryuan jinwoo.jung sanghyup

Outside EEST working hours, you can try to reach gyuyoung or ryuan (both in the KST time zone), or acidx (in the BRST time zone).


Nick on #webkit Email
babu Sudarsana.Nagineni (at)
cdumez ch.dumez (at)
drott Dominik.Rottsches (at)
gyuyoung Gyuyoung.Kim (at)
jinwoo Jinwoo.Song (at)
kenneth_ kenneth (at)
Mpozdnyakov Mikhail.Pozdnyakov (at)
rakuco rakuco (at)
ryuan Ryuan.Choi (at)
sanghyup Sanghyup.Lee (at)
tmpsantos Thiago.Santos (at)