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Release plan and desired features

ewebkit will be released like other EFL libraries. See the EFL release plan,

Features for next release(hope)

Other desired features:

  • NSAPI plugins, using windowless systems for integration into Evas;
  • HTML5 feature completion (geolocation);
  • Improving API coverage, exposing more features such as the Editor and Inspector clients;
  • Exposing DOM;
  • elm_web, Elementary widget wrapping up ewk_view into a convenient widget, providing default implementation for delegates;
  • wayland support.
  • Remove strict X11 dependency, allowing DirectFB and FB at least;
  • Less dependency on GNOME technologies, maybe remove Cairo and exchange LibSoup for an EFL-based network backend.
  • Eo based inheritance.
  • Refactoring Coordinated graphics