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WebKit Environment variables

This page documents some environment variables that you can use to change the behaviour of WebKit.

This documentation may be outdated or incomplete. If you wish, you can grep the sourcecode for getenv strings and update this document.

List of WebKit environment variables

  • Use the following environment variables as:
    export Variable="Value"
Variable Value Meaning WebKit ports
JavaScriptCoreUseJIT 0 Disable the JavaScript JIT ALL
Malloc 1 Disable bmalloc memory allocator and use the system default one instead ALL
USE_NATIVE_XDISPLAY 1 Run the WebKit layout or performance tests on the current X server instead inside Xvfb GTK+/EFL
WEBKITGTK_EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES REGION_BASED_COLUMNS=1 Enable region based columns (implement multicol using the CSS regions implementation rather than ColumnInfo & co) GTK+