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     3This page is compiled from frequently-asked questions that WebKit contributors receive on mailing lists, IRC, and other venues. Please read it first to see whether your question has already been answered.
    35= How do I... =
     7== report a WebKit bug? ==
     9If you believe that you have encountered a bug in the WebKit rendering engine, see the page on [ reporting bugs].
     11== report a Web Inspector bug? ==
     13If you believe that you have encountered a bug in the Web Inspector, see the page on [ reporting bugs]. You can directly file a bug for the Web Inspector by using this link: []
     15== report a Safari bug? ==
     17 Safari bugs should be filed in Apple's internal bug tracker at (free "online" account available [ here]).
     19If you're not sure whether it's a bug in Safari or WebKit, [ this blog post] might help. If you're still not sure or have any questions, feel free to [ get in touch]. If you accidentally mis-file a bug against Safari or WebKit, don't worry! It will be redirected to the appropriate team by contributors who are better able to triage the bug.
     22== get help with a problem in my JavaScript / CSS / HTML? ==
     24Most WebKit contributors are focused on fixing bugs and adding features to WebKit and its ports. General web development help is not on-topic in the #webkit IRC channel or mailing lists, and you will probably be ignored. There are many better venues for general help, such as Stack Overflow.
     26== get help with a problem in my code that uses JSContext, WebView, WKWebView or WebKit public APIs?
     28You should send an email to [ the webkit-help mailing list].
     30== get help with a problem in my code running on an Android device? ==
     32Android is not a supported platform for WebKit, so it is highly likely that you are not actually running WebKit. Once you've identified the browser engine that you are actually using, you should probably [ start here].
    534== build WebKit for Qt? ==
    938The Qt project maintains an [ out-of-tree branch of QtWebKit], but it is deprecated in favor of the [ Blink-based QtWebEngine]. It is recommended you read [ this blog post] for more historical context.
    1244= Releases =