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Five Year Plan

A collection of thoughts about where we want to take WebKit over the next five years.

DOM Event Loop

High Level:This task would create a DOM event loop construct to be used in WebKit C++ code to provide HTML specification. Lower level: we would use platform run loop representations (ranging from CFRunLoop, to bare threads, to other platform primitives).

  • Benefit:
    1. Fix lots of bugs because we enqueue events in one order, but they get fired in some other order.
    2. Would potentially help address our lack of micro-task abstraction.
  • Potential problems:
    1. May be difficult to get right.
    2. Need to understand how this will interact with platform run loop

Render Tree Refcounting

Goal is to manage repaint complexity by moving to a refcount model.

  • Downside:
    1. Potential for recycles.
    2. Slightly larger memory use (additional count)

Painting: Display Lists

Goal is to move drawing off of the main thread.

Image Decoding

Layout State Machine


  • Renaming.

Text Measurement


  • Downstream
  • Incremental