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Feb 28, 2008 3:20:48 PM (15 years ago)
Nikolas Zimmermann



  • Google Summer of Code 2008

    v8 v9  
    88  * Standards Support
    99    * SVG Filters - Implement a platform-independent set of c++ based SVG filters, as detailed in the the [ SVG FULL 1.1 specification].  Currently only the Mac platform has a filters implementation (CoreImage based).  These are disabled in tip of tree WebKit.
     10    * SVG Bug fighting (clipping redesign, xhtml/svg integration issues, a lot more, please ask)
    1011    * CSS3 Paged Media - Add support for [ CSS3 Paged Media], or a subset thereof.  Currently we have no support in WebKit.
    1112    * MathML (at least the presentational parts, can get very far with a stylesheet only) -
    1819  * Backend Work
    1920    * Cairo SVG backend completion (gradients, patterns and other bug fixes to make the test suite results match the CG backend)
     21    * Qt SVG backend completion
    2022    * ATK accessibility support
    2123  * Developer Tools
    4951 2. To make available a person or persons to take in student suggestions for projects should those students not find something that appeals to them on the published list and either approve or reject those suggestions;
    5052  * Eric Seidel < eric at webkit >, MacDome on #webkit
     53  * Nikolas Zimmermann < zimmermann at webkit > , WildFox on #webkit
    5154  * ''Signup to be a mentor here''