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Google Summer of Code 2008

WebKit Project Ideas:

  • SVG
    • SVG Filters - Implement a platform-independent set of c++ based SVG filters. Currently only the Mac platform has a filters implementation (CoreImage based) which is disabled in tip of tree WebKit.
    • Fix our SVG Animation implementation - we can't pass Acid3 without it
    • SVG Bug fighting (clipping redesign, xhtml/svg integration issues, a lot more, please ask)
  • CSS
  • Other new specifications/Features
  • JavaScript Engine Work
    • Interruptible JavaScript evaluation
    • Generational JavaScript garbage collection
    • Improved source syntax highlighting
  • Platform Ports
    • Native Windows port -- there has been effort underway to create a Native Windows port that does not require Apple's (non-redistributable) libraries. More help in this effort would be useful.
    • Windows Mobile port -- there has been mention of at least 3 Windows Mobile ports of WebKit. It would be useful to create and/or consolidate a single Windows Mobile port integrated into the main WebKit trunk.
    • Cairo -- SVG backend completion (gradients, patterns and other bug fixes to make the test suite results match the CG backend)
    • Qt -- SVG backend completion
    • Gtk -- ATK accessibility support
  • Developer Tools
    • Anything on the Developer Tools Hitlist
    • Drosera improvements
      • Tree view of local variables that show properties of objects (right now we just show top-level stack variables)
      • Live evaluation of JavaScript in the current document's context (when the debugger isn't paused)
      • Inline editing of scripts
      • Pretty print scripts that are all on one line
      • Browse the DOM of the host document from within Drosera (using the Web Inspector)
      • Better syntax highlighting (done in the engine with HTML highlighting)
    • Web Inspector improvements
      • Viewing the render tree (with the ability to see what DOM node corresponds to a render object, and visa versa)
      • Set Drosera breakpoints on script elements and event handler element attributes (e.g. onclick, etc.)
      • Better node highlight overlay that shows margin and padding boxes
      • Improved JavaScript properties pane
      • Improved Metrics pane
    • Other JavaScript debugging tools
      • Memory allocation logging tool
      • Event dispatch watching
      • Javascript profiler
    • Developer tool of your own design
  • Development Infrastructure
    • Automated WebKit API regression tests (testing the Obj-C, COM, C++ APIs exposed on various platforms)
  • Improvements for DHTML application UI development:
  • more project ideas go here here

2008 Mentors:

  • Eric Seidel < eric at webkit >, MacDome on #webkit (administrator)
  • Nikolas Zimmermann < zimmermann at webkit > , WildFox on #webkit (backup administrator)
  • David D. Kilzer < ddkilzer at webkit >, ddkilzer on #webkit
  • Pending: Jasper Bryant-Greene < jasper at unix dot geek dot nz >, jasperbg on #webkit
  • Pending: Daniel Zucker, PhD < zucker at wake3 dot com >, zucker on #webkit
  • Still waiting to hear from the other 30+ WebKit reviewers
  • Policy: Any reviewer (see who applies to be a mentor will be accepted (and are welcome to mentor in any area they feel comfortable in). Others are welcome, but we'll need to discuss details first.
  • EMAIL eric at webkit dot org if you would like to be a mentor