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Contributing to Web Inspector

Let's say, we don't like red color for CSS property names. We want to change it to purple.

Inspect The Inspector

On Mac, set the following defaults to allow inspecting the inspector, and logging console messages to stdout. (To increase the level of possible inception, add more defaults for higher page group levels.)

defaults write __WebInspectorPageGroupLevel1__.WebKit2ApplicationChromeModeEnabled -bool YES
defaults write __WebInspectorPageGroupLevel1__.WebKit2DeveloperExtrasEnabled -bool YES
defaults write __WebInspectorPageGroupLevel1__.WebKit2LogsPageMessagesToSystemConsoleEnabled -bool YES

Run Safari or WebKit Nightly build. Open Web Inspector.

We can edit SyntaxHighlightingDefaultTheme.css in our favorite code editor, but we cannot make a patch from it. After next update SyntaxHighlightingDefaultTheme.css will be overwritten and our changes disappeared.

Create / Update a Bug Report

It will benefit both you and the usual Web Inspector developers if you create or comment on a bug report for the feature or fix you intend to work on. A "Bug" report is for all code changes, this include fixes, issues, and ideas for new features.

This step is very important, because your update will automatically notify the regular Web Inspector developers. This will allow them to immediately provide you with some feedback, and pointers / guidance for solving the issue or adding the feature!

Now Do Your Hacking

  1. Using Git with WebKit
    git clone git://
    cd WebKit
    git checkout -b purple_css_values
  1. Build WebKit
    Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --release
    A clean build takes 20-80 minutes depending on the vintage of your machine.
  1. Run it
    Tools/Scripts/run-safari --release
  1. Edit Source/WebInspectorUI/UserInterface/SyntaxHighlightingDefaultTheme.css within a git repository.
  1. Copy files from Source/WebInspectorUI/UserInterface to the build by running make -C Source/WebInspectorUI release. Do it after every time you modify Inspector's files.

A tip: You can reload Web Inspector just like regular web page (Cmd+R on Mac, Ctrl+R on Windows and Linux).

  1. Look at your changes
    git status
    git diff Source/WebInspectorUI/
  1. ChangeLogs
    Tools/Scripts/prepare-ChangeLog --bug xxxxx
    # edit WebCore/ChangeLog

Instead of xxxxx you should put bug number, like 32926.

  1. Upload a patch and wait for a review!
    Tools/Scripts/webkit-patch upload xxxxx -m "patch"

If you have any questions there are always people willing to help. Just jump onto Freenode IRC and visit #webkit or #webkit-inspector.

Parts of the tutorial was taken from Quick Hacking on the Web Inspector.

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