Change History for ImprovingLifeOnWindows

Version Date Author Comment
13 10 years Adam Roben Update after r74301
12 10 years Adam Roben Removed the item about copying to %TMP%, since we don't do that anymore.
11 11 years Adam Roben Removed section about detecting a missing Platform SDK. We now do this …
10 11 years Rolled out changeset 56044 as to broke the Windows Debug (test) bot. …
9 11 years Support for detecting the presence of the Windows Platform SDK was …
8 11 years Setting WebKitOutputDir and WebKitLibrariesDir landed in r51932
7 11 years Adam Roben Added bug number for setting environment variables automatically
6 12 years Adam Roben
5 12 years Adam Roben Moved some content to MakingTheWindowsBuildSystemMoreMaintainable
4 12 years Adam Roben Added ideas from BuildingOnWindows
3 12 years Adam Roben Added a page outline
2 12 years Adam Roben Added ideas for improving the running/debugging/testing experience
1 12 years Adam Roben Initial version