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WebKit Contributor Meeting 2012 - LayoutTestController Functions That We Want to Move to Internals


  • Everything that makes many ports skip tests should be considered.
  • Functions that use internal WebKit methods whose only purpose is to support DRT (as opposed as providing public API) should be strongly considered.
  • Functions that rely upon a significant amount of WebKit code may be best to remain in LayoutTestController, so that this code would be tested.

We'll file bugs in Tools/Tests component as we go, too.

  • counterValueForElementById

Mac DRT has a StorageTrackerDelegate to test WebStorageManager, but no other port seems to have this. Related LayoutTestController functions that are implemented in Mac only are:

  • deleteAllLocalStorage
  • syncLocalStorage
  • observeStorageTrackerNotifications
  • deleteLocalStorageForOrigin
  • localStorageDiskUsageForOrigin
  • originsWithLocalStorage

Animation Controller DRT APIs that can be ported to internals as these APIs depend on core frame pointer. Currently implemented for - Chromium, Gtk, Efl, Qt, Mac, Win

  • pauseAnimationAtTimeOnElementWithIdCallback
  • pauseTransitionAtTimeOnElementWithIdCallback
  • numberOfActiveAnimationsCallback
  • suspendAnimationsCallback
  • resumeAnimationsCallback