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The JSCOnly port allows to build the JSC (JavaScriptCore) interpreter using as less dependencies as possible


  1. Get the code
git clone git:// WebKit
# You can use also the mirror
  1. Build JSCOnly
Tools/Scripts/build-jsc --jsc-only

You will get a jsc binary in the build directory (WebKitBuild)

  1. Running tests

You can run the test suite as follows:

Tools/Scripts/run-javascriptcore-tests --jsc-only --release --no-build --no-fail-fast

More info:

Cross-Building and remote testing

Sometimes is desirable to test JSC on a different architecture than the native one (like ARM64 or ARMv7).
To make this easier the script run-javascripcore-tests supports running on a remote board via ssh.
We can combine that feature with a cross-build toolchain to make easier to build and test on a foreign architecture.