wiki:JavaScript and DOM Benchmarks

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Mostly DOM

These benchmarks are mostly testing DOM performance, not JavaScript. But they can be significantly affected by JS performance (strings, garbage collection, etc).

  • Hixie's DOM Core Performance tests - pure test of basic DOM operations
  • QuirksMode W3C DOM vs. innerHTML - this was meant to compare performance of using DOM methods to innerHTML to build content, but is also interesting as a cross-browser metric.
  • double-dollar - comparison of various JS DOM speed tests, note however that many toolkits use different approaches for different browsers, so inter-browser comparison value is low, although real-world value is high.

Mostly JavaScript

These could be converted to pure JS tests that can run even command-line.

Mixed JS and DOM

also covers some DOM stuff. The correctness checks seem wrong, as both WebKit and Firefox 2 fail a lot of them.