wiki:Known incompatibilities between open-source WebKit and Safari

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Safari 2.0.x for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or a 10.4.x update should work correctly with locally-built versions of WebKit in nearly all ways. Ideally there would be no incompatibilities at all, but occasionally it is necessary to introduce an incompatibility so that WebKit can evolve without amassing globs of special-case backwards-compatibility code.

This page is intended to list all of the deliberate incompatibilities between using Safari 2.0.x in Tiger and a locally-built version of WebKit. It might also mention incompatibilities between the latest Safari 3 Beta (Tiger or Windows) and the latest WebKit. If you know of any other incompatibilities, then either this page needs updating or (more likely) they are unintentional bugs. Please use to report such bugs.

The following incompatibilities exist in all publicly released versions of Safari

Site icon support seems flaky or intermittent

Recent changes to the icon database have moved it towards a fully asynchronous model where all i/o to the disk occurs on a background thread. It was necessary to make use of notifications to alert the browser that an icon has been received either from network or from the disk. Safari 2.0.4 (Tiger) and the current Safari 3.0.3 Beta (Tiger/Wiindows) do not listen for all of these notifications and therefore site icons will seem to work poorly in Bookmarks, History, and the location field.

Safari 3.0.3 beta is available at that resolves the following issues

Forms auto-fill doesn't work

Forms auto-fill in Safari 2.0.x on Tiger is entirely disabled with a locally-built version of WebKit. This was necessary in order to rewrite the form control code in WebKit to not rely on using NSViews.

The fix for Bug 11297 required a change to future releases of Safari, thus this bug will exist in Safari 2.0.x in Tiger with WebKit nightlies. See Bug 11297 Comment #4 for details.

Editing-related context menu items don't show up

As noted in Bug 12761 Comment #3, contextual menu items related to editing will not show up with Safari 2.0.x in Tiger when used with WebKit nightlies.