wiki:May 2013 Meeting

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The Schedule

Proposed Talks / Discussions (host) [would attend!]

  • Unprefixing frenzy - state of the art, sharing the experience on some of the work done, list and create bugs for features we should unprefix (Simon Fraser) *
  • Removing pointless arcana and making common tasks easier (rniwa) []
  • Importing W3C Tests (rhauck) - needs to be early on Thursday [stearns]
  • State and future of the Web Inspector (xenon) [JoePeck, vivekg, brrian]
  • Deterministic record/replay - demo of prototype, discuss implementation and challenges to upstreaming (brrian) [xenon, JoePeck]
  • Restructuring of CSS, cleanup of StyleResolver/StyleBuilder [krit, rniwa]
  • Pagination with Hyatt! (weinig)
  • Status of JSC / Optimizations (Pizlo)
  • Tools and Infrastructure (simon fraser/dirk)
  • OpenType (martin)
  • Build systems - why do we need so freaking many (mark salsbury)
  • Improving the DOM now that we only have 1 JS engine / the removal of ScriptState! (rniwa)
  • Enabling Experimental Features (beartravis)
  • Managing the differences between ports (noam)
  • JSC Profiler (pizlo)
  • Merging iOS WebKit back to WebKit trunk (ggaren, ddklizer)
  • WebKit2 Governance / Come for the Yelling (weinig)
  • How to security now!? (weinig)
  • Regions and Shapes (mihnea)
  • Touch interaction and fat fingers (gmak)
  • Remove all the things / Process for removing (weinig)
  • How to debug the JIT in JSC
  • What is our strategy for compatibility with more others / when to adopt / when to say no!
  • Improving performance of Text Layout
  • What are the layers of WebKit and why

Proposed Hackathons (host) [would attend!]

  • Reviewathon 2013! () [benjamin]
  • Transforming Pixel tests to Ref-tests or dump-as-text tests () [benjamin, rniwa]
  • Remove stale comments/FIXME. Add proper comments/documentation when helpful. [benjamin, rniwa]
  • Improving wiki pages [benjamin, rniwa]
  • Removing/Adding Layering Violations
  • Simplifying & refactoring the binding generators (jmason) [rniwa]