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Features - topic

Multiple mobile devices (and now even some quasi-Desktop/quasi-Mobile devices) are shipping WebKit based browsers with features that are not in the WebKit tree. Some of these features are web facing. Some of these features are hacks. Some of these features brazenly break existing web standards. Some of these features are in the process of being landed. The questions I'd like to talk about for this discussion are:

  • Which of these features should we as a project encourage?
  • Which of these features should we as a project discourage?
  • Which of these features are in the tree and which are not?
  • Which ones *should* be in the tree?
  • Of the web facing features, which should we begin pushing up to the relevant standards committees?

The features include:

  • Viewport meta tag
  • Frameset flattening
  • Fast mobile scrolling aka (no fixed static backgrounds)
  • JS touch events
  • Format detection / Phone number linking
  • Gesture events (Nokia has a proposal?)
  • Input methods / virtual keyboards / text selection (Kenneth?)
  • Touch form controls
  • Default mobile viewport
  • Spacial nagivation
  • Javascript device object (RIM/George Staikos proposal)
  • Font size adjustment aka - no reflow (Antti's patch that has been adopted by Android and IPhone)
  • Mapping of touch to mouse
  • Common user agent substring to identify set of WebKit mobile features?
  • Themed form controls for mobile form factor
  • Orientation events / shake event