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My initial brainstorming...

Proposal for moving WebKit development to Git

Benefits of moving to Git

  • A large number of WebKit devs are already using git-svn
  • All major organizations involved with WebKit development have significant sub-sets of devs already using git-svn
  • Would make code review easier
  • Would allow us to do away with manually editing/resolving ChangeLog files
    • git diff already includes ChangeLog entry
    • bugzilla could be modified to point to a private branch for code review
    • no more pastebin, just a simple git push
  • Distributed nature of git allows to commit even when server goes down
  • Branching is cheap with git which would encourage the practice of developing unstable features in smaller chunks
  • WebKitTools/Scripts already contains lots of git coverage
  • We have a significant amount of git knowledge amongst various WebKit devs for training the remaining devs
  • GitHub for WebKit would be cool :)
  • Please fill in here...

Costs of moving to Git

  • Git is still very slow and flaky under windows
  • The majority of WebKit devs are used to using svn and would need to learn this new tool
  • Git itself can be hard to learn and hard to use
  • Please fill in here...

Problems to be solved

  • Bugzilla integration
  • Workflow would need to be worked out
  • An option for contributing for those who are unwilling/unable to learn git?
  • Please fill in here...


  • Find out just how many git users we have who actively contribute to WebKit
  • Find out how many svn users we have and there feelings on moving to git
  • Please fill in here...