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new-run-webkit-tests (also known as NRWT) is a replacement for the original run-webkit-tests script that was written in Perl. The new script is written in Python and leverages much of the extensive Python infrastructure we have built up over the intervening years. It has a much more extensive unit test infrastructure and will hopefully be easier to maintain than the old script (time will tell).

In addition, NRWT has the ability to run the layout tests in parallel using multiple DumpRenderTrees (or WebkitTestRunners), much strong features for reporting test failures and managing expected failures, and integration with various dashboards.

This page describes how to run NRWT.

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Running NRWT

NRWT is designed to be run both directly by developers working in a terminal window, or by the buildbots. It supports a large number of command line options to customize the behavior and the output; only a few of the most commonly used options are mentioned here. The complete list of options is given by new-run-webkit-tests --help and new-run-webkit-tests --help-printing.