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     1== Project Vision ==
     3This page describes some of the ideas we (as in the Qt WebKit team) have for the WebKit project as a whole.
     5We would like the WebKit community to be a strong and positive group of people that works together towards the common [ project goals]. We believe that all of the ideas we list underneath will help further these goals.
     7=== Commit and review rights ===
     9 * What is the algorithm to obtain commit and review rights? The community should have a say in this.
     10 * The same policy should apply for every possible contributor.
     11 * There should be platform maintainers who have the right to decide on commit and review rights for the platform specific parts of the code.
     12 * Platform maintainers need to have decision rights about the platform specific code (e.g. which kind of patches go in, which don't)
     14=== Project planning ===
     16Project planning should become more transparent. The mailing list should be used for larger discussions or decisions that affect all platforms, to give all involved parties a chance to comment.
     18 * Platforms need to have an idea of when to expect the next stable WebKit version.
     19 * We believe there are should be common releases for WebKit
     20 * A release can simply consist of a branch
     21 * The core engine should be in a stable state for a release branch
     22 * Releases should have a well defined WebKit version number
     23 * Releases should be time based
     24 * Release schedules and a (loosely defined) roadmap should be discussed and agreed upon inside the community.
     26=== Web site ===
     28The WebKit project page should reflect contributing organizations in an equal fashion.
     30 * The should aggregate the blogs of all contributors (Surfin' Safari and blogs of external contributors)
     31 * The main webpage and the navigation bar should be platform agnostic
     32 * Safari specific things should go in a subpage (with a prominent link form the main page)
     33 * A free use WebKit logo would be great to have