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    1313The next mock-up is the Resources section—a combination of the network timeline and the source view. This mock-up shows taller rows using file icon mode, which can be toggled in the status bar. When using file icon mode each row has an icon, and for image resources the icon would include a preview (not shown.) The status bar also has various controls to change shorting and grouping of the resources. We would have: don’t group, group by type and group by document (or frame). There are also two sorting modes: sort by time and sort by size. The sorting modes control what the graph shows, so when sorting by size the bars would graph file size.
     15[[Image(New Inspector - Elements.png)]]
    1517== Resources ==
    1719The first mock up shows the Time graph. There are two graph types that we would have—Time and Size. When in a graph view you will see a summary graph and a line graph corresponding to the resources in the sidebar. The sorting and the graphs are disconnected, so you can change the sorting while still looking at the Time or Size graph.
     21[[Image(New Inspector - Resources 3.png)]]
    1923When you click on a resource, the graphs is replaces with the source view (or preview for images). The source view has the full URL and headers at the top. Also when you click on a resource the alternating rows in the sidebar fade out, since they are not useful when looking at the source.
     25[[Image(New Inspector - Resources 3.1.png)]]