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     1== Backlog of Qt and QtWebKit problems ==
     3=== Qt problems ===
     4 * ARM optimized qdrawhelper is only enabled for RCVT (symbian) . The  needs to be transferred to gcc inline assembly. This will optimize memfill, Source, SourceOver and some blend functions.
     6 * ARMv6 should be auto detected. Currently arm/armv6 can be passed as -embedded options. The benefit of ARMv6 in src/corelib is the use of atomic load and exchange, instead of the old "swap" extension. `__ARCH_ARM_6__` should be used to detect it.
     8 * Enabled pld (preload) in qdrawhelper for ARMv5te and upwards
     10 * QImageReader deserves some optimatations. E.g. decode to the QImage provided to the decoder, do not parse every gif when trying to determine the size.
     12 * Changes to QHttpNetworkReply to reduce memory reallocations. Reserve some bytes instead of doing ''QByteArray::append'' all them time.
     14 * Cut down on the usage of QUrl::toEncoded, cache it somewhere.
     16=== QtWebKit problems ===
     17 * Loading of is triggering bad "scheduling". The loading_standalone test has been extracted but is not able to highlight the problem. This is a Qt and QtWebKit issue, it must be understood first.
     19 * Image decoder changes needs to be measured. Do they make anything faster/slower? Do they consume more or less memory?
     21 * TCmalloc needs to be tested. Does it make anything faster/slower? How to test memory fragmentation.
     23 * The fuzz testing will make QtWebKit go in infinite loops and stop working. This situation needs to be analyzed as this can be a serve reliabality problem.