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    1616=== Performance & Architecture ===
     181st Day
     19 * Anti talking about tile based rendering. Working prototype using QImage exists, need to get support from Qt to draw to QPixmap from a thread, Discussion if tiling should be supported for everyone or just mobile/QGraphicsView
     20 * BenjaminP talking about plans for Qt4.7 to regularily run benchmarks, automate and store results during the development.
     21 * Talking about OOM handling, checking each allocation vs. just getting killed by the OS vs. getting signals from the OS and then stop loading...
     22 * Zoltan talks about a valgrind skin to instrument memory usage including showing how much and who was allocating the memory, common call frames can be removed from the trace.
     242nd Day
     25 * Holger talks about the QtWebKitPerformanceWork and QtWebKitPerformanceUtilities and how the can be used to measure Qt performance. Comments included limiting the bandwidth used for the fake http server.
     26 * Shortly discussed the RGB16 approach to save some memory by using color converting RGB32 images to RGB16, specially on symbian a 16bit backingstore exists and painting can be done in 16 bit.
     27 * Shortly discussed using WebCore/platform/image-decoders. The downsampling is a feature one would like to use, also the performance appears to be better. We should explore using them.
    1829=== User Interface ===