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     1== The developers present at the code camp ==
     2== The teams present at the QtWebKit code camp 2009 ==
     4=== The Webkit team of the University of Szeged ===
     5Some engineers of the University of Szeged work to improve the quality (automated testing) and speed of QtWebkit (and the JIT in particular).[[BR]]
     6Website: [[BR]]
     7Repository: upstream on[[BR]]
     9=== The Browser and Web Runtime ===
     10The browser team works on the browser of Nokia phones.[[BR]]
     11The Web Runtime team works on a set of Javascript API to access phone capabilities.
     13=== The Webkit developers of INdT ===
     14Some engineers of INdT work on QtWebkit to improve the performance and on APIs to have a great user interface.[[BR]]
     15INdT Website: [[BR]]
     16Repository: upstream on
     18=== The trolls ===
     19The team of Qt developers who work on the QtWebkit. Two engineers work on JavascriptCore and its integration with QtScript. The others work on the new features, the new APIs, and performance improvements.[[BR]]
     20QtDF Website: [[BR]]
     21Blog: ( )[[BR]]
     22Repository: upstream on and the research branches of
     24=== Starlight team ===
     25The Starlight project do the implementation of multitouch and gesture for the Javascript Runtime.[[BR]]
     26Starlight website: [[BR]]