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     3= DRAFT -- Contributing to the API of QtWebKit -- DRAFT =
     5If you would like to contribute new functions or classes to the API of QtWebKit, then we ask you to discuss your changes with the rest of the team. There are certain restrictions with regards to binary and source compatibilty as well as rules for consistency in namings and concepts that require us change the existing process of contributing code to WebKit slightly for these kind of changes.
     7== The process ==
     9   1. Create a new bugreport in Bugzilla describing your enhancement. Please use the following template for creating the bug: []
     10   2. Make your bug block our meta-bug for pending API enhancements for the next release: [ QtWebKit 4.7 Pending API]
     11   3. Discuss with us on IRC in #qtwebkit and on the public mailing list at [].
     12   4. After reaching an agreement upload your patch(es) and mark them for review, using the standard process of contributiong code: []
     13   5. The WebKit reviews will then review the code, after the API has been reviewed in step 3 above.