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If you have landed a change into the trunk that you would like to include in the release branch or you have an exceptional patch that needs to be included, please edit this wiki page and add the SVN revision or bugzilla id to the list below.

Patches that have been included in the release before they have been landed in the trunk are tracked at .

(The page is being watched and an email is automatically sent when it is edited)

Patches for QtWebKit 2.0

Patches for inclusion in the qtwebkit-2.0 branch of .

In order to get your change included into the release use the following steps:

  • Make sure there's an entry in Bugzilla for the issue that you're fixing
  • Make sure your patch is landed in the trunk
  • Make your bug a blocker for the 2.0 release tracking bug: by adding "35784" into the "Blocks" field for your bug report.
  • After the patch has been landed, make sure your bug is RESOLVED/FIXED and that it contains the usual comment "Committed in revision 123456"
  • One bug per patch only!

The release dudes will pick it up from there and cherry-pick the landed revision into the branch.

Patches for QtWebKit in Qt 4.6

Patches for inclusion in the qtwebkit-4.6 branch of . All changes in that branch are submitted into Qt's 4.6 branch on a weekly basis.